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Support the Show

Support the Show

There are many ways for viewers to support Lifestyle Magazine in addition to donating to help us raise funds to continue to produce quality programming showcasing tips to live your best life possible.

Follow Us on Social Media

We post health and wellness tips and articles every day on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Follow us and share the posts that you find helpful with others.

Give Us Feedback

We love to hear from our viewers!  Did you love a show topic or particular guest?  Hate one?  What are your favorite things about the show?  Do you have a great guest or topic for a future show?  Please reach out through our contact form or by emailing at [email protected] to share your thoughts on the show.

Let Your Local Station Know How Much You Love Watching Lifestyle Magazine

Stations and networks like TBN, SkyAngel, NRB network and more rely on feedback from viewers to determine what programming they keep on the air. Making a call or sending an email to them letting them know how much you enjoy our show is makes a big impact with the program directors and helps us stay on the air across the nation and around the world.  For more information on where to watch the show and who to contact please visit our “Where to Watch” page.

Please use the following link to vote for Lifestyle Magazine on TBN:
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Watch Us on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire

Lifestyle Magazine has our own channels on digital media devices like Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire in the “lifestyle” section. You can watch the shows on demand at any time of day and it helps generate revenues for future productions.  Share this information with friends and family so they can watch too!