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LM 2801 Auto-Immune Disease

Our guest today, Andrea Beaman, has appeared with Barbara Walters on “The View.” She’s been on “Dr. Oz.” She’s written four books, and is a passionate holistic health advocate. And she suffers from an auto-immune disease. Also, sharing his personal experience with psoriatic arthritis is Ryan Lee, founder of Rewind Today. They both share how a change in lifestyle and eating healthy improved their symptoms from their auto-immune disease.

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LM2723 Faith, Family, Fatherhood

Country music artist Tracy Lawrence has had the kind of music career most people only dream about with more that 13 million albums sold, eight #1 Billboard hits and more than 40 singles on the charts.  But life always has its share of ups and downs. Today Tracy and his wife Becca share about career, managing marriage and parenting challenges including homeschooling their kids and how they keep family as a priority.

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LM2707 Infertility Struggles

Justin Osmond was born 90% deaf, but his will power and determination allowed him to do what many would consider impossible and follow in his father’s (Merrill Osmond) footsteps in music as well as a host of other accomplishments.  He shows us how to hear not simply with our ears but with our hearts. When he and his wife Kristi looked to adopt their twins, they needed to consider a few extra elements. In this episode, we join their journey in the decision to adopt and the joy in parenting. Sometimes miracles are around the corner in unexpected places.


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LM2717 Beating Cancer

Our co-host Dr. Sharmini Long is joined with her husband, Dr. Joshua Long, as they share their journey of when she was diagnosed with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer.  They discuss how their faith and trust in God helped them through this trial.


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LM2712 The Alzheimer’s Challenge

Alzheimer’s is a disease that impacts more than just the person who has it.  Actress Amy Aquino from the shows  ER and Bosch is here to share her family’s personal experience with this degenerative disease while Monica Moreno from the Alzheimer’s Association talks about caregiving a loved one with the disease.


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LM2716 Maintaining Values in Media

Isaac Hernandez, Vice President of Programming/Acquisitions for Parables TV joins us today to discuss Parables a faith-based entertainment network featuring movies, documentaries, comedy shows, children’s programming, all kinds of entertainment from a faith and family values perspective that is good for your soul as an alternative to traditional network television.


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LM2508 ADHD without Drugs

ADHD – over 5 million kids in the United States have it. But there’s a lot of controversy over how to treat ADHD. Medication is the default solution, but is there a better way? We’re about to find out. Our guest, Dr. David Velkoff, will tell us about ways of treating ADHD without using medication.

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LM2703 Healthy Skin Starts Within

There is a multi-billion industry devoted to keeping this organ in our body looking great.  But what if we could make it look better for less?  The Spa Doctor, Dr. Trevor Cates, is going to show us how to keep our skin healthy from the inside out.


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LM2702 A New Season of Love

Al and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty began their romance in junior high, marrying young and having two baby girls.  Al became a pastor at their church and all was wonderful, until Lisa had an affair.  Instead of divorcing, Al and Lisa came to terms with what went wrong in their marriage and with a renewed commitment began the hard work of making it right.  They are here to share their story of brokenness and redemption through love.

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LM2728 Overturning Diabetes

Our expert guest today has been on our show before, Dr. Paulette Higgins.  She is joined by Listen Shaw, who is a patient of Dr. Higgins.  He shares his story on how he reversed his type 2 diabetes following the principles taught at the All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre in Canada.

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