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Lifestyle Magazine was launched 1985, but the half-hour talk show has been in production since 1950 and focuses on all aspects of whole life health to help viewers create their best life possible. In each episode our team of experts are joined by notable guests to bring our audience cutting edge information for creating health in all areas of life – wellness, nutrition, fitness, attitude and relationships. Roy Ice is the host of Lifestyle and brings a fresh approach to viewers.

Past Guests

NOTE: Our shows air on multiple stations. Please check our tv stations link to see times and days in your area. Please note that shows are occasionally pre-empted for other programming by individual networks or stations.

Air Date


Show No.

05/25/2023Jim Meskimen 3214
04/30/2023Patrick Dancy 3210
04/02/2023Reneé Lawless 3201
03/26/2023Martha, Gary & Bailey Wade 3206
03/23/2022Sandi Patty & Don Peslis 3112
02/18/2022Taylor Dayne 3107
02/07/2022French & Vanessa Stewart 3105
01/21/2022Barry Corbin & Chris Corbin 3103
01/08/2022Paul Cardall 3101
12/09/2021Donna Mills 3022
11/18/2021Jaclyn Smith 3021
11/11/2021Ed Asner; Matt Asner 3020
09/30/2021Kit Hoover 3016
09/02/2021Rich Little 3015
05/20/2021John Schneider, Alicia Alain 3002
07/23/2020Dawn Wells 2919
04/02/2020Anson Williams 2910
01/24/2020Marion Ross 2904
01/09/2020Terry Fator, Angie Fator 2902
07/03/2019Don Most, Morgan Most, Dr. Mark Lew 2817
05/24/2019Loni Anderson; Dr. James Krueger; Terry Ridgeway 2815
02/08/2019Debby Boone, Daphne Maxwell Reid 2805
06/14/2018Tracy and Becca Lawrence 2723
02/12/2018Scott Hamilton 2720
01/29/2018Mark Masri 2715
11/13/2017Justin & Kristi Osmond 2707
10/30/2017Corbin Bernsen; Amanda Pays 2705
10/23/2017Dee Wallace; Katie Hurley 2704
10/09/2017Al and Lisa Robertson 2702
10/02/2017Morris Chestnut; Tiaja Pierre; Mike Hopper 2701
04/27/2017Jackie Zeman, Dr. Rich Hirschinger 2614
04/13/2017Amy Yasbeck 2612
09/16/2016Deniece Williams 2512
09/16/2016Maurice Benard; Dr. John Grienenberger, Ph.D. 2509
09/16/2016Kevin Sorbo 2408
01/12/2023Petri Hawkins Byrd and Makita Bond Byrd 3219
01/06/2023Joyce Bulifant 3218
12/05/2022Linsey Godfrey 3216

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