5 Ways To Build Your Child’s Self-Worth

What good parent doesn’t want their kids to be happy and successful? But how do we do that, exactly? We compliment and affirm, support them, tell them to chase their dreams, and teach them to live for something bigger than themselves. What else can we do? According to experts, we should teach them how to be…

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Family Affair with Kathy Garver

We all handle rejection differently, but it’s important we keep moving forward regardless. Join us today as we talk with acclaimed actress Kathy Garver, to hear her thoughts on self-image and discuss her passion for living every minute.

Living With Stuttering

In this episode of “Living With Stuttering,” host Roy Ice interviews Kimberly Ball, who shares her personal journey with stuttering and how it impacted her social and emotional life. Kimberly opens up about her family’s history with stuttering and how connecting with others who stutter has helped her feel less alone. As an educator with extensive experience and educational background in Communicative Disorders and Special Education, Kimberly discusses the importance of education, advocacy, resilience and counseling in helping individuals manage stuttering and break free from the stigma that often accompanies it. Tune in to hear her inspiring story, along with valuable insights and advice for those facing similar challenges.

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Etiquette with Zoë Yeoman

Today’s guest is working hard to reintroduce etiquette to the world. Appearing in such shows as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, David E. Kelley’s, The Practice, and The Drew Carey Show, actress Zoë Yeoman has been teaching respect and empathy through etiquette to help make the world a better place.


5 Tips To Reduce & Resolve Conflict

Conflict happens. Period. There’s no escaping it, no matter how hard you try. Even silly, trivial things can flare up into full-blown arguments. It’s crazy.  Since we can’t eliminate conflict, we should at least know effective ways to deal with it, starting with creating healthy boundaries and balancing our emotions to reduce unnecessary stress and…


Enjoy A Quiet, Peaceful, And Cozy Holiday

Some places on earth are known for their long, cold winters. Denmark is one of those places with cool summers and notoriously long, dark winters.  Hygge-Living After a while, living in icy darkness wears on a person. Maybe that’s why the Danish people are known for a concept called Hygge living (pronounced Hue-gah). Hygge is…

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