When Should You Let Go Of Grudges And Resentments?

It’s hard to let anger and bitterness go. It isn’t easy getting over someone who has hurt you. Feelings of resentment and distrust linger and burden the heart, filling one’s life with negativity. And forgiving them seems almost impossible.  A study published by Springer Link revealed that “Bearing grudges is associated with a history of pain disorders,…


5 Ways To Stop The Negative Effects Of Social Media

5 Ways To Stop The Negative Effects Of Social Media According to, nearly 5 billion people use social media worldwide, which is more than half of the world’s population (61%). Experts predict that number will rise to 5.17 billion by 2024. It’s probably no surprise that Facebook leads the field with 3.05 billion users. The typical social media…


Burdened Or Blessed This Christmas?

We put a lot of stress on ourselves to create the perfect Christmas and make special memories that no one will ever forget. The holiday season feels magical, with sights, smells, and sounds that fill us with wonder and delight.  But you don’t have to have the perfect Christmas for it to be a blessing….


Make Christmas Merrier For These People, Too!

There’s just something special about the Christmas season that ignites people with a sense of wonder and excitement. It’s the perfect time to spread goodwill and generosity, especially to those who routinely make our lives a little bit easier, better, and brighter. Among the people at the top of our gift-giving list, besides our loved…


How To Deal With Grinchy People This Christmas

You can learn a lot from rude people. And with the Christmas season upon us, class is in session. The holidays bring out the best or the worst behavior in people. It can happen to the best of us. You can be an angel one minute and a Grinch the next, especially if someone steals…

Lifestyle #3310

Beyond Suffering with Joni Eareckson Tada and Ken Tada

In the face of tragedy, how do you live with suffering and shattered dreams? Do you want to know the secret of overcoming your pain? Joni Eareckson Tada has been sharing this secret to communities around the world and has impacted thousands of families by teaching others how to push through chronic pain in order to inspire and serve others. She is joined by her husband, Ken Tada, they will share about her remarkable life and ministry.

How to be a Good Dad with J. Scott Reed

In this episode of the Podcast, host Roy Ice is joined by author J. Scott Reed to discuss his new book, ‘The Power of a Dad.’ Reed shares insights into the importance of fatherhood and how it positively impacts children and the statistics when dads aren’t engaged in their children’s lives.

Reed also talks about his newest venture co-leading a house ministry in Los Angeles that focuses on bringing sons and daughters in the arts and entertainment industry together to create a sense of belonging and support for young individuals in these industries.

Tune in to this inspiring conversation as Reed shares his personal journey and sheds light on the power dads have in shaping lives and communities.

Hospice is Not What You Think It Is

In this episode of the Podcast, host Roy Ice sits down with the talented and Grammy award-winning artist Sandi Patty and her husband, Don Peslis. Having appeared on the show multiple times in the past, Sandi is no stranger to the Lifestyle audience. During their conversation, they touch on various topics including their recent move back to Indiana, their beloved grandchildren, hospice and the recent passing of Sandi’s mother. Tune in to hear this heartfelt conversation with one of music’s greats and gain insight into their personal lives and experiences.

Lifestyle #3309

Voice for the Voiceless with Kate Linder and Susan Olsen

Are you an animal lover? It’s been said that the perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. Today’s guests truly have hearts for our furry friends and they use their platforms in the spotlight to make a difference. Susan Olsen best known as Cindy from the Brady Bunch and Kate Linder known as Esther from Young and the Restless join us with veterinarian Dr. Giselle Concepcion. We’re going to hear about several animal rescue organizations, Susan’s upcoming animal adoption, Kate’s next project, and then Dr. Concepcion is going to talk about preventive care for pets.

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