Lifestyle #3210

Leave Your Mark with Patrick Dancy

We all want to find our purpose in life, but how? Where do we start? Well, today we’re setting out to answer those questions. Join us as we take a closer look at self-identity, success, and leaving an impact on others with entrepreneur Patrick Dancy.


How To Lead A More Fulfilling Life

They tell us: “You deserve to be happy.” They even say that pursuing happiness is our God-given right.  But is happiness what we want, or is our soul searching for something deeper? The thing about happiness is that it comes and goes.  You can be happy one minute, and the next, you’re down in the…

Lifestyle #3206

Just Show Up with Martha, Gary & Bailey Wade

Martha Nix Wade has had tremendous success as a former child actress, co-starring in such shows as The Waltons, Days of Our Lives, and many others. But while Martha’s life appeared to be picture perfect, she was suffering years of abuse and then would have to face a new tragedy in her adulthood. Join Martha, her husband, and daughter today as they tell their moving story of loss and hope.

Lifestyle #3204

Music and Healing with Jonathan Cilia Faro

Sometimes we face trauma in our lives that affects us in such a way that we’re changed forever. But today’s guest has used his own life trauma, to spread hope to tens of thousands of people, through his musical talents. Join us today, as we welcome professional musician and opera singer, Jonathan Cilia Faro.

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