Enjoy A Quiet, Peaceful, And Cozy Holiday

Some places on earth are known for their long, cold winters. Denmark is one of those places with cool summers and notoriously long, dark winters.  Hygge-Living After a while, living in icy darkness wears on a person. Maybe that’s why the Danish people are known for a concept called Hygge living (pronounced Hue-gah). Hygge is…


Give Someone A Cozy-Feeling Christmas

John Bunyan wrote, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  The holiday season is here, and along with it, gift-giving. As lovely as it is to receive a gift, most people say they gain more pleasure from giving gifts than getting them. What better time…

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Building Love Together in a Blended Family with Ron Deal

Whether through remarriage or adoption, a blended family is faced with unique challenges. How do you truly show love to people who are not blood relatives? Can blended families really erase the lines that cause emotional separation? Join us today with author and speaker, Ron Deal, as we discuss what it means to be a blended family.

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Get Unrealistic with Debleaire and Gianna Snell

You may recognize Pastor Debleaire Snell from the ABC network 2022 Easter Special, A Living Hope. As the senior pastor of the Oakwood University Church, director of Breath of Life TV Ministries, and author of the book, Get Unrealistic, he and his wife, Gianna, have had to grapple with transitions and the multiple heartaches that real life has thrown at them. Be inspired as you hear how they find hope amongst repeated tragedies.

Lifestyle #3112

Blended Families with Sandi Patty and Don Peslis

We’re honored to have with us today, longtime friend of Lifestyle Magazine, Grammy award-winning performers, Sandi Patty, and her husband, Don Peslis.  They are here to talk about how they make beautiful music together with a blended family, and how to avoid blended family problems.

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