How a Kid Became the King of Animatronics

Join host Roy Ice for “How a Kid Became the King of Animatronics,” the Garner Holt Story, Part 1, as he interviews Garner Holt to learn about his journey to becoming the largest animatronics producer in the world. Garner always dreamed of working for Disney, but when that didn’t happen, he educated himself and started his own company while still in high school. In this episode, we’ll hear about the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to achieve his dream. We’ll also explore the topics of animatronics and what it takes to turn your passions into a successful business. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

Living With Stuttering

In this episode of “Living With Stuttering,” host Roy Ice interviews Kimberly Ball, who shares her personal journey with stuttering and how it impacted her social and emotional life. Kimberly opens up about her family’s history with stuttering and how connecting with others who stutter has helped her feel less alone. As an educator with extensive experience and educational background in Communicative Disorders and Special Education, Kimberly discusses the importance of education, advocacy, resilience and counseling in helping individuals manage stuttering and break free from the stigma that often accompanies it. Tune in to hear her inspiring story, along with valuable insights and advice for those facing similar challenges.

The Real Soldiers Behind the Movie

In this episode, retired MSG Chris Spence, a former Army Green Beret, recounts his experiences covertly entering Afghanistan after 9/11. The actions of his Special Forces team inspired the book “Horse Soldiers” and film “12 Strong.” Spence’s iconic photo of a Horse Soldier is displayed in the Smithsonian Institute and influenced “America’s Response Monument” near the 9/11 Memorial. The discussion delves into the challenges faced by these heroes and their efforts to combat terrorism in Afghanistan. Join us to explore the stories of real-life heroes, learn what it was like going in on horseback into Afghanistan, the tough challenges they encountered in battling terrorism, and see how they overcame them.

Every Coach Needs To Show This To Their Team!

Michael Davis, the star athlete, the homeless, lost soul, the stand-up man, the mentor, then minister—this story is one for the ages. Before he became a motivational speaker, substance abuse counselor, CEO/founder of “You Go International Network,” and author of the book “Victorious Change: Total Surrender”, Michael had to grapple with his addiction and take responsibility for his actions. You’ll be inspired as you hear how he is helping others make better life decisions and find freedom and hope in the midst of their turmoil.

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