Other Programs

In addition to Lifestyle Magazine, there are other programs produced by the Faith For Today team committed to sharing helpful information about a variety of subjects with our viewers.  An outline of each of the other programs is summarized below:


Mad About Marriage

Mad About Marriage consists of special episodes of Lifestyle Magazine that are focused on all aspects of a healthy relationship. The shows offer a variety of marriage experts, authors and married couples sharing information on marriage with the goal to give couples the tools for staying “madly in love” forever. For more information visit the Mad About Marriage section on this site.


The Evidence

The Evidence is a half-hour news-magazine television show that investigates the possibility of God in all expressions. Through interviews with world-renown scientists who de-mystify the technologies of nature, and artists who illuminate the wonder of life, The Evidence bridges the gap between science and theology, between ritual and the human heart. It asserts that the idea of God, while not provable, is not irrational. Almost an introduction to God, The Evidence explores such fundamental questions as “Does God really exist?,” “Where did we come from?” and “Why are we here?” Studying not only the idea that God exists, but that amazing transforming power of spirituality in the lives of everyday people.


Faith For Today

Archived versions of a weekly worship service titled Faith For Today that allows viewers to worship with the members of the Arlington Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas. Each episode features Pastor Mike Tucker sharing gospel-focused, grace-oriented messages that offer hope and encouragement to every listener. You’ll be blessed by this inspiring journey through the Scriptures.


McDougall MD

This show features world-renown, best-selling author and internist, John McDougall, M.D. “Dr. John” and his co-host, Mary McDonough of TV’s The Waltons, invite guest authorities and specialists to each program to illuminate specific health issues and help you find resolutions. Dr. John McDougall knows what it takes to stay healthy – hundreds of thousands of success stories over the years prove it! On McDougall, M.D., the doctor – and his guest experts – will teach you a clinically proven means of weight management, how to reverse or prevent many common illnesses, and how to live a healthier life – often simply by altering your diet.

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