Lifestyle #2247

Intimacy and Desire

Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker are joined by Dr. David Schnarch, a licensed clinical psychologist, director of the Marriage and Family Health Center in Evergreen, Colorado, and author. Dr. Schnarch answers common questions on intimacy in a marriage and the relationship between spirituality and sex.

Lifestyle #2248

Smart Moves

Dr. Carla Hannaford speaks about the benefits of movement and activity from before birth to the end of life. Hannaford shares information from her book, Smart Moves, that shows the effects of movement and relaxation on brain functioning and development. David Garcia and Sandra Rocha from the Learning Gym contribute to the discussion on movement and overall health.

Lifestyle #2249

Are People Messed Up?

Elizabeth Brown, author of Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People, reveals how to make relationships work with difficult people and challenging situations. Special cooking segment: Vegetarian cookbook author and instructor Debi Pedersen cooks with Mike and Gayle.

Lifestyle #2263

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Believe

How can you manage to make a marriage work when one spouse is a believer and the other is not? Or when one partner is more religious than another? Author Nancy Kennedy walks through this relationship hurdle, offering tips on how to alleviate the stress in this area.

Lifestyle #2251

When You’re Not Born Religious

Dave Schmelzer, author of Not the Religious Type, shares how he went from being an atheist to becoming a man of great faith. He’s created a place where faith can blossom in the very secular, skeptical world of Harvard University.

Lifestyle #2253

Who Switched Off My Brain?

Did you know that what we think can be toxic to our bodies? Dr. Caroline Leaf, researcher and author of Who Switched Off My Brain? discusses how to avoid toxic thought patterns and how we can achieve our greatest potential for healthy living.

Lifestyle #2241

Drugless Doctor

Is your body in need of a detox?  Dr. Robert Demaria, author of Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Detoxification, offers his practical advice for improving health without drugs.

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