Blind Resilience

October 21, 2021

Today on Lifestyle Magazine, you are going to hear an incredible story of resilience, healing, and forgiveness. Janet Perez Eckles […]

A New Season of Love

October 9, 2017

Al and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty began their romance in junior high, marrying young and having two baby girls.  […]


September 13, 2018

Our topic today is rather serious. There is no other force on the planet that is as devastating as war. […]

Getting Over The Ultimate Crime

September 16, 2016

Rebecca Alonzo’s childhood was a nightmare. She and her family were terrorized by a man who eventually shot her parents. […]

Ultimate Loss

September 16, 2016

Terry Caffey from Across America Ministries discusses how he lost his wife and kids through a violent homicide, and how […]

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