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Epilepsy Explained

November 20, 2017

Greg Grunberg played a police detective with special powers on the TV series Heroes and was the best recon flier […]

Faith, Family, Fatherhood

June 14, 2018

Country music artist Tracy Lawrence has had the kind of music career most people only dream about with more that […]

Social Media And Your Kids

April 11, 2019

Every 60 seconds, on average, 452,000 Tweets are sent; 4.1 million YouTube videos are viewed; over 70,000 hours of Netflix […]

Unwanted Children

February 28, 2019

Ten children, all fostered, died in his arms. One of his own sons died. His other son was born with […]

Infertility Struggles

November 13, 2017

Justin Osmond was born 90% deaf, but his will power and determination allowed him to do what many would consider […]


September 16, 2016

On this Mad About Marriage program, Paula Spencer Scott; author of Momfidence and collaborator on eight other parenting, pregnancy, and […]

Parenting the New Teenager

September 16, 2016

On this episode of Mad about Marriage, Dr. Foster Cline; well-known author, speaker, and co-founder of the Love and Logic […]

The Smart Step-Dad

September 16, 2016

Being a stepparent can be challenging. You’re either the hero or the villain. Today, marriage and family therapist and founder […]

The Fatherhood Initiative

September 16, 2016

Roland Warren, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, has some wonderful resources for struggling dads. The National Fatherhood Initiative is […]

Dr. Kevin Leman’s Birth Order + Interview with Buzz Aldrin

September 16, 2016

Birth order can affect your parenting style or the way you deal with other people. Author Dr. Kevin Leman shares […]

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