2022 Schedule

NOTE: Our shows air on multiple stations. Please check our tv stations link to see times and days in your area. Please note that shows are occasionally pre-empted for other programming by individual networks or stations.

Air Date


Show No.

10/23/2022, 06/02/2023Baby CHAOS with Jennifer and David Quach 3212
11/06/2022, 05/25/23JimPressions with Actor Jim Meskimen 3214
11/13/2022, 05/14/2023Family Affair with Kathy Garver 3215
10/16/2022, 05/07/2023Being True to Your Purpose with Twins Bianca and Chiara D’ Ambrosio 3211
10/09/2022, 04/30/2023Leave Your Mark with Patrick Dancy 3210
03/27/2023How a Kid Became the King of Animatronics 004
9/25/2022 4/23/2023No Bad Days with JT “Jester” Mestdagh” 3208
9/04/2022 4/16/2023More is Possible with Wendy Yost 3205
04/13/2023Living With Stuttering 003
8/14/2022 4/09/2023Flexible Dieting with Alan and Jeana Aragon 3202
8/07/2022 4/02/2023Surviving Breast Cancer with Reneé Lawless 3201
9/11/2022 3/26/2023Just Show Up with Martha, Gary & Bailey Wade 3206
10/02/2022 3/19/2023Etiquette with Zoë Yeoman 3209

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