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LM2905 CinemAbility

It’s rare when you see a film that accurately portrays the life of a person with a physical or mental disability.  Today we’re meeting a director who happens to be disabled that’s changing that.  Our guest is documentarian, Jenni Gold, director and producer of CinemAbility The Art of Inclusion, a film that explores the history of how disability is portrayed in media and the power that the media has to shape people’s perceptions. The film includes an incredible cast of A-list stars; Ben Affleck, Jamie Foxx, Geena Davis, Gary Sinise, Jane Seymour and many more. We will also meet actor Tobias Forrest who was able bodied for about 22 years and then had a spinal cord injury. We’ll hear his perspective on being both able bodied and disabled life.

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LM2904 My Days: Happy And Otherwise

Marion Ross played Mrs. Cunningham on the popular TV show, Happy Days, becoming one of America’s favorite most iconic moms. But what was it like playing the idyllic mom while in real life being a single mom of two, divorced from an alcoholic husband? Find out as we talk to Mrs. C on this edition of Lifestyle Magazine.

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LM2903 Putting The Cerebral Back In Palsy

Our guests on today’s episode, are comedian Josh Blue and actor RJ Mitte. Both have cerebral palsy. One uses it to make you laugh, the other make you feel, but they both make you think. Josh won the fourth season of Last Comic Standing. His material comes from a reality he’s been living with since birth. RJ got a big break in his acting career when he played in the acclaimed television series Breaking Bad as Walter White, Jr., who has cerebral palsy. It has enabled him to help change how people engage and interact with individuals with disabilities and helped open doors on equal opportunity.

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LM 2920 Your Life Matters

We are happy to welcome Lifestyle Magazine staff member and international Christian recording artist, Jennifer LaMountain.  In this episode she shares her passion in sharing Christ with people to give them a better life.  You’ll hear amazing stories how Christ has used her life to make a difference in people’s lives through her music ministry, as an artist representative for World Vision andLifestyle Magazine staff member. She shares the health difficulties she’s faced as well as an important message that God sees the little details of your life and His presence is with you as you go through life struggles.

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LM 2919 What Would Mary Ann Do?

The name Dawn Wells may not ring a bell but you probably remember sweet, good girl, Mary Ann from the show Gilligan’s Island.  She shares what her experience was like working on the show.  In this episode we’re having fun as we talk about classic values portrayed in the show and still of value today, and the character that Dawn played that inspired her to write the book What Would Mary Ann Do?

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LM2918 Mental Health

Actor Todd Bridges is joining us today talking about suicide, a really serious topic that affects people of all walks of life.  He shares how the loss of many friends to suicide has affected his life and how he’s dealt with his grief to recover from his losses.  This episode covers warning signs to look for and the common thread of suicide.

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Offer Description: The impulse to harm oneself is not confined to one demographic. It can affect absolutely anyone at any time. The emotional and psychological distress that leads to such thoughts aren’t easily understood—by the one suffering them, nor by those who want to help. This CareNotes is a good read for both parties. It identifies some of the reasons one would consider suicide or self-injury; and it offers solid guidance to those reaching out for help and trusted resources that can provide that help.

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LM2902 Impressions Of A Human Jukebox

Forbes has listed Ventriloquist Terry Fator as one of the highest paid entertainers. He’s our guest today with his buddy “Winston” the turtle. Terry shares his journey on how he started ventriloquism and how he makes a difference to make life better contributing to charities through the Terry Fator Foundation. He is joined by his wife, Angie, and they share their story of how they met and their diehard love for each other.

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2901 Spousal Care Giving

Ruta Lee has been in over 2,000 film and television productions, starring alongside such greats as Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn. She shares her story with us today on her volunteer work with mental health and her new role as caregiver for her husband, Webb Lowe, who had a stroke.

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Offer Description: Most caregivers-both those professionally trained, and those given the role by circumstance-share a common trait. They tend to put the needs of others before their own. While this willingness for self-sacrifice can be seen as an admirable trait, it can also eventually wear down a person, making them unable to care for anyone. This CareNotes offers practiced tips for mental and physical self-care. But perhaps more importantly, it reminds caregivers that needing time for themselves is not selfish; rather, it is an absolute necessity for performing the job well. Written by Ralph P. Plumley, Th.M., C.T.


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LM2917 Your Best Life

We’re joined today by actors, Ryan Paevey and Tim Lounibos with an important message of being true to who you are and your values.  They speak candidly of the “industry of rejection.”  Ryan Paevey is best known to audiences for his role in General Hospital and recently the Hallmark Channel.  He finishes out this episode playing his guitar.

After leaving the business for seven years, Tim Lounibos is enjoying the return to his acting career. He’s joined by his two beautiful children, Spencer and Heeli.  He’s a volunteer liaison for AFS-USA intercultural program and they share their experience of hosting an exchange student through that organization.

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LM 2916 The Sixth Stage Of Grief

David Kessler is a world-renowned grief and trauma expert and author of the new book Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief.  He joins us today, not as an author and grief expert but as a father who lost his 21 year old son, David, to sudden death.  He shares his heartbreaking journey of his devastating loss and discusses the sixth stage of grief.

Also joining us is musician, Michelle Weitz, a grieving mother who has been coping with the loss of her daughter, Lacey, to an accidental opioid overdose.  Lacey started drugs in high school and struggled for years to overcome her drug addiction.  Michelle shares her story and Lacey’s legacy.

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