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    What is happiness? The dictionary says it’s “A state of well-being and contentment.” That’s a good start, but how can you know if you’re happy? What does happiness look like?  Although happiness is in the mind of the “beholder,” you’re probably happy when the following things are true about your life:  Happiness is more than…

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    An animal can be a good source of comfort and a much-needed physical presence during distressing times. They promote emotional stability by providing companionship and helping remove the focus from everyday challenges.  An emotional support animal can be a dog, cat, or even, as shown on Eyewitness News, a pig if it comforts its owner….

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    What good parent doesn’t want their kids to be happy and successful? But how do we do that, exactly? We compliment and affirm, support them, tell them to chase their dreams, and teach them to live for something bigger than themselves. What else can we do? According to experts, we should teach them how to be…

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