People often bring out the worst in each other – just look at our world and how we treat each other. When the truth is everyone has something that makes them special and unique.

It’s easy to assume we’re not as good as others or inadequate or unable to be loved. It’s hard to bring out the best in others when we have such a low opinion of ourselves. It’s hard to help others succeed when we believe we’re a failure. 

You can be the catalyst that helps people see the best in themselves – the hero that picks them up and helps them stand tall. 

Here are some ways to bring out the best in others. 

Be Generous

You must invest yourself in others to bring out their best. 

Invest your time, energy, and strength. 

Be generous in giving them the benefit of the doubt; believe in them, even when they fail or disappoint you; and be generous with your encouragement when they struggle to believe in themselves.

It’s easy to stand behind the winners of the world and cheer them on; anyone can do that. But it takes courage and compassion to help someone unearth the talents and gifts buried deep within, especially when they’re unaware they’re even there. 

Be Graciously Open-Minded

In other words, don’t write people off. 

Talent can take the form of the humblest people in the lowliest stations of life. 

Just because someone doesn’t look the part or seem to have very much to offer doesn’t mean they don’t have talents or gifts. We should treat everyone with dignity and respect, even the person outside our car window at the stop light holding a cardboard sign that says, “Please help, need food.” 

Perhaps the greatest talent of all is looking deeper into people, observing them, and identifying hidden talents waiting to be unlocked. 

Imagine the kind of world we’d have if we all tried to see the best in people, despite appearances, which can be misleading. 

Be Interested & Interact

To bring out the best in others, be interested in their lives, and interact with them. Be there for them. Collaborate with them to find ways and opportunities to deploy their gifts and talents. 

You don’t have to be the smartest or most capable person. You just have to let them know that you value them and the world needs them – that their gifts and talents matter. 

Be Patient & Persistent

The person you’re working with can be easily distracted and discouraged because unlocking their best takes a new level of belief and commitment.

Also, they can come to rely on you too much, expecting you to do most of the work rather than making an effort and taking the initiative to unlock their potential because of self-doubt or they don’t believe they have much to offer.

You must be patient and persistent, not letting them give up on themselves. But you shouldn’t do their work for them either because it stunts their growth, and they’ll never learn how to develop their gifts and abilities, reach their goals, or be proud of the person they’re becoming.  

Be Fully Present & Curious

Unless you’re fully present and aware, it’s easy to miss or overlook talent and potential when you see it.

Look for the slightest evidence or clues regarding someone’s true ability because chances are they don’t see what they’re capable of and live far beneath their potential; even so, there’ll be clues. 

So be curious. Be interested in people enough to discern what lies beneath the surface. And let them know you care, too – that you want what’s best for them. 


Bringing out the best in others involves seeing what they can become and helping them see it. It’ll take awareness, curiosity, being fully present, patience, generosity, and open-mindedness. 

But the investment and effort are worth it.

Imagine the kind of world you can create right where you are by bringing out the best in the people around you by helping them unlock their best life. 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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