What do most of us do when taking a trip to somewhere we’ve never been? We find someone who’s been there and ask them about it because we want to make the most of our trip!

If we put that much thought and effort into a trip, how much more should we be putting thought and effort into the other important areas of our lives?

Just as getting information and advice from friends is a big help when planning a trip, coaches and mentors can be very helpful when designing our lives. 

Steven Spielberg said, “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” 

A true mentor gives you access to wisdom and experience because they’ve done or become what you want to do or become. They don’t coach from theory; they mentor from experience. 

Let’s say you set a goal of making a million dollars. Would you rather be mentored by an experienced multimillionaire or coached by someone who has no experience, only theory? 

Mentoring is a partnership that goes far beyond teaching and holding you accountable. Your mentor gives you access to experience and wisdom, encouragement, and mutual growth. 

It seems everyone has gone into life coaching since the 2020 pandemic. Coaches are a dime a dozen. But genuine mentors, well, they’re worth their weight in gold. 

The Transfer of Skills and Knowledge

A mentor is someone who is much further in their field than the mentee, which means they can provide insights the mentee still needs to gather through real-world experience. 

The transference of wisdom, skill, and knowledge can shave years off the learning process.

This exchange of knowledge accelerates skill development because not only can a mentor teach the mentee new skills, but the wisdom they impart helps the mentee put everything to work to tackle obstacles and challenges with an informed, strategic approach. 

The Thread of Wisdom

A mentor is a compass, providing guidance as you navigate the industry or life situation. You can leverage their experience to become more skillful and create new opportunities. Not only does this help with things like career advancement, but it amplifies purpose and direction.  

Emotional Support and Growth 

A skillful mentor helps nurture emotional well-being and personal growth. They facilitate a safe space for open and honest communication, which allows you to discuss your fears, dreams, and challenges. That emotional reassurance will help you in every aspect of life.

Networking Connections

Your mentor wants you to succeed. They wouldn’t be investing their precious time and energy into you if they didn’t. As an established person, they can introduce you to influential contacts and expand your network. 


Your mentor should be someone you respect and wish to model. Your partnership isn’t just about gaining wisdom or new skills. They inspire you to build a work ethic and adopt the qualities you see in them that you admire. Your mentor is your role model.

Final Thoughts

Many people succeed without a mentor, but they often learn the hard way, struggling with challenges and stresses they could’ve avoided had they reached out to a wise and experienced mentor. Why make the journey any more difficult than it has to be?

If you aspire to greatness and want to unlock your best life, finding a mentor you respect and admire could be worth its weight in gold, so why wouldn’t you accept help from someone who’s already taken the journey you’re about to embark upon? 

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