Lifestyle #2317

Making Beautiful Music – Interview with Jaime O’Neal & Rodney Goode + Baillie & the Boys

Mike and Gayle Tucker sit down for an interview with Australian-born Nashville singer songwriter, Jaime O'Neal, who has written Top Ten and #1 hits for herself as well as other stars like Reba, Martina McBride, and LeAnn Rimes. Jaime's husband, Rodney Good, joins the conversation to discuss some of the bigger issues in their lives. Also joining Mike & Gayle in this episode are Kathie Baillie and Michael Bonagura of Baillie and the Boys,  to talk about their marriage and career together for nearly 4 decades. They are joined by their daughter Alyssa Bonagura for a family moment in song.

Jaime O'Neal; Rodney Good; Kathie Baillie; Michael Bonagura; Alyssa Bonagura

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