Lifestyle #2711

Pushing Past Limits

Imagine skiing down a slope, feeling the breeze against your face, smelling the pines and experiencing the adrenaline rush as you glide across the snow.  Now imagine that you are blind and doing this – sounds intimidating right?  Well the President of Extreme Mobility Sports Inc., Mr. Bradon Schwartz; and Mr. Alvin Chea from the multi-Grammy Winning vocal group Take 6; along blind Crossfit competitor Corey Reed; and Alyssa Hicks explain how rising to the challenge is a liberating and inspiring experience for those that are visually challenged.   Free Offer: "Responding to Life’s Challenges with Resilience and Strength" Offer Code: LIFE-T-F-401   Offer Description: Resilience doesn’t simply mean “bouncing back” from a trauma, loss, or disaster. It also means being proactive whenever possible and planning for or preventing such circumstances. CareNotes author Mary Kendrick Moore helps readers call upon the strengths and abilities needed to respond helpfully and hopefully to life’s challenges in sections titled: “Acknowledge your loss and fear,” “Believe in your ability to foster resilience,” “Exercise your brain,” and “Find support among those you trust.”

Bradon Schwartz; Alvin Chea; Corey Reed; Alyssa Hicks

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