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The Sixth Stage Of Grief

David Kessler is a world-renowned grief and trauma expert and author of the new book Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief.  He joins us today, not as an author and grief expert but as a father who lost his 21 year old son, David, to sudden death.  He shares his heartbreaking journey of his devastating loss and discusses the sixth stage of grief. Also joining us is musician, Michelle Weitz, a grieving mother who has been coping with the loss of her daughter, Lacey, to an accidental opioid overdose.  Lacey started drugs in high school and struggled for years to overcome her drug addiction.  Michelle shares her story and Lacey’s legacy. Free Offer: Touch P oints pamphlet "How to Survive the Loss of a Loved One" Offer Code: LOSS-T-F-401 Offer Description: When death strikes a loved one, sadness, guilt, and grief often affect those left. What is an appropriate response? This tract brings answers to this tough question. It teaches that anger can be normal and should be dealt with correctly. Crying is okay. Sharing your grief is usually helpful. This tract is filled with stories and principles from the author’s own experiences with loss, and from the Bible. The reader will be given a road map to work through their grief.

David Kessler, Michelle Weitz

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