They tell us: “You deserve to be happy.” They even say that pursuing happiness is our God-given right. 

But is happiness what we want, or is our soul searching for something deeper?

The thing about happiness is that it comes and goes. 

You can be happy one minute, and the next, you’re down in the dumps. 

According to Ashish Sophat, “True happiness is a state of fulfillment.” 

Something within the moment can make you feel happy, but when the moment passes, and you realize that your life lacks purpose and meaning, the happiness fades. 

A certain kind of feeling comes with being fulfilled; only when fulfillment is baked into our lives are we truly happy.  

What Is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. It’s also the completion of something, like the fulfillment of a promise.”

Cambridge Dictionary says that fulfillment is “A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction because you are happy with your life.”

If you live with meaning and purpose and are satisfied with how your life is unfolding, you’re living a fulfilling life. 

Fulfillment comes from within. 

Until you feel fulfilled within, nothing on the outside will ever satisfy or make you happy.

Fulfillment doesn’t come from your bank account, house size, wardrobe, car, hobbies, adventures, popularity, or social status.

You can live from paycheck to paycheck but still lead a fulfilling life. 

Everything can seem to be going wrong, but you can feel fulfilled.

The world can be against you, but you’re content with your life. 

How? By having purpose and making your life count by living for what matters most.

On the other hand, you can be among the wealthiest people in the country and enjoy long vacations in the most beautiful and exotic places but still feel empty and unfulfilled. 

Consider Martin Luther King, Jr. His life was hard, but do you think he felt it was fulfilling? Absolutely. 

Despite his hardships and struggles, Dr. King lived with purpose and a sense of accomplishment; he was satisfied. 

Where Does Fulfillment Come From?

When you burn with conviction that your life is on purpose and making a difference, come what may, life or death, health or injury, you’re fulfilled. 

According to an article on, successful people find fulfillment by challenging themselves to grow, contributing to others, living in the present moment, not living with entitlement, and connecting to a purpose larger than themselves. 

To be content, don’t be satisfied with where you are; grow. Live for others – use your life to make a difference.

Fulfillment isn’t achieving a state where you always feel giddy or happy. You just need to gain a sense of satisfaction as you live with purpose and work towards an important goal.

So, because fulfillment is an internal process, you must be willing to put in the effort and take uncomfortable action to achieve that sense of contentment.

For that to happen, you must do certain things regularly to create authentic fulfillment, like: 

  • Give back to society by volunteering
  • Surround yourself with family and friends
  • Choose to live daily with a more positive mindset
  • Count your blessings instead of your problems
  • Do more of the things you enjoy
  • Establish healthy habits that bring you joy
  • Get curious: Always be learning and growing 

How Does Fulfillment Shape Our Lives?

It Gives Your Life Greater Meaning

Everything changes the moment you embrace the truth that your life matters. Each day, acknowledge the value and meaning of your life and that what you’re doing makes a difference in people’s lives, no matter how small you think it is.

Fulfillment doesn’t come from what you get but from what you give.

Focus on What’s Truly Important

Living with purpose imparts clarity, allowing you to focus on what matters most. 

You know where you’re going and make a plan for getting there.

Focusing on what’s important to you helps you make better decisions; you live life deliberately and with intention. 

Increases Self-Confidence

Allowing others and their opinions to control your life bleeds your confidence and self-esteem.

But when you create a fulfilling life, you’ll come to love and accept yourself, regardless of what others think.

You’ll be more confident and stay the course. 

Experience More Joy

Fulfillment produces more joy and life satisfaction, making you feel centered and content and causing you to radiate peace and positive energy. 

And you stop worrying about what others think or comparing yourself to others, which is one of the most effective ways to reach fulfillment.

Challenge Yourself

Life is about growth and progress; there’s no neutral ground. You’re either growing or dying. So you must challenge yourself to improve your skills, expand your wealth of knowledge, and reach new goals.

Remember, fulfillment is independent of external circumstances. Live with gratitude and purpose – use your life to make this world a better place, at least for someone, perhaps even starting with yourself, for your life to become increasingly more fulfilling every day. 

Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash

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