There’s just something special about the Christmas season that ignites people with a sense of wonder and excitement. It’s the perfect time to spread goodwill and generosity, especially to those who routinely make our lives a little bit easier, better, and brighter.

Among the people at the top of our gift-giving list, besides our loved ones, should be people we might not think of often but play important roles in our world.  

These are the people who do their jobs quietly day in and day out and often with very little heartfelt appreciation. It’s even to overlook them and take them for granted. 

Why not acknowledge their service by doing something extra special that makes their Christmas merrier and brighter? Consider adding these folks to your Christmas gift-giving list this season.

Your Postal Delivery Worker

We depend on so many different delivery and service providers every day, who are nothing like that person you see occasionally in the YouTube video who throws packages from the sidewalk to the front door. Rain, sunshine, or snow, they endure all kinds of weather to deliver our mail and packages throughout the year. Consider thanking them this Christmas for their reliable service. Although United States Postal Service employees cannot accept cash or checks, they may accept gifts worth $20 or less. Abide by federal regulations to ensure they don’t get in trouble by giving them an unlawful gift.

Garbage Collection Services

What would we do without sanitation workers passing by our place once or twice a week to remove the trash and our recycling materials? Why not thank them this year for doing a smelly, messy, grimy job most people are reluctant to do. You may tip them $10 to $25 per person if allowed.

Lawn Maintenance

Many lawn maintenance workers work long hours for relatively low wages; they could really benefit from your generosity during the holidays. The average tip is right around $30. And please remember to say thank you whenever you see them taking care of your lawn.

School Employees

Many parents remember to thank their kid’s teachers at Christmas but overlook the bus driver, lunchroom staff, and custodians. A school is like a small village; it takes everyone to make it work. Think about finding a way to thank the other staff at your child’s school. Although you’re not allowed to give cash, you might consider giving them a thoughtful gift like their favorite holiday treat, homemade cookies, or even a gift card if the school allows.

It really is more blessed to give than to receive. Giving back is a beautiful way to express your sentiments this season. And it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to say thank you, either. A sweet card, a small tip, or a homemade treat shows someone you care and that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Find ways to express your gratitude and appreciation this year to make someone’s holiday a little more merrier, brighter, and special. 

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