Media Trauma

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Media Trauma

Adam, Jenny, Brandon and Avery Black; Lori H. Schwartz

The pressure is on for today’s parents to understand the barrage of media their kids are confronted with every minute of every day. We’re discussing social media today and the media trauma that is experienced depending on how much time is spent on entertainment/media on a personal device. Jenny Black is a licensed marriage and family therapist from Tennessee. She’s joined by her husband, Adam, and their two children, Brandon and Avery, who were exhibiting signs of media trauma. They are Co-Founders of Media Trauma Care a volunteer group of professionals dedicated to bring awareness and resources to care for those impacted by media trauma. Also weighing in on how dangerous media trauma can be is CNN’s technology contributor, Lori H. Schwartz, who was dubbed by Variety as one of 30 executives shaping the evolution of technology. She also is on the Board of Governors for the Interactive Media Peer Group for the Television Academy.


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