Lifestyle #3206

Just Show Up with Martha, Gary & Bailey Wade

Martha Nix Wade has had tremendous success as a former child actress, co-starring in such shows as The Waltons, Days of Our Lives, and many others. But while Martha’s life appeared to be picture perfect, she was suffering years of abuse and then would have to face a new tragedy in her adulthood. Join Martha, her husband, and daughter today as they tell their moving story of loss and hope.

Lifestyle #3006

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Anyone can lose control of their temper in a stressful situation, but did you know that just five seconds of violent shaking can kill an infant or leave them permanently disabled? Whether out of aggression toward a crying baby or completely by accident, abusive head trauma, also called “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, kills more than 1,500 infants every year in the US alone. That abuse usually comes from a parent or a family member. But Scott Juceam’s 16-month-old baby, Hannah, was shaken to death by their nanny. Join us to hear his poignant story.

Lifestyle #2310

Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt

CNN news anchor and award-winning television journalist Christi Paul joins hosts Mike and Gayle to talk about her personal story of a devastating abusive marriage. She shares this in her book, Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt.

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