Lifestyle #3113

Longevity Secrets from America’s Prototype Nerd with Actor Barry Livingston

Your attitude when you encounter obstacles can make all the difference in the world. We’re going to talk to actor Barry Livingston from Mad Men and The Social Network, the prototype nerd who bullied as kid and was able to create over a 50-year career bringing to life all kinds of wonderful characters. If you know someone who is struggling with a bully, check out this show for inspiration on how to handle bullying.

Lifestyle #3023

Addiction: The Aftermath – Special

Eric Roberts has been in hundreds of movies including blockbusters like The Cable Guy, The Dark Knight and The Expendables.  He and his wife share his experience with addiction and the fallout from it.  Eric also shares how he repaired much of the damage done to personal relationships in the aftermath of his addiction.   Free Offer: CareNotes pamphlet “Getting Help With an Addiction” Offer Code: NEWEPI-T-F-401 Offer Description: This CareNote is written for those who have reached a moment of crisis or decision—someone who is ready to face an addiction and seek help but is not sure how to proceed, or what to expect. This CareNote will provide helpful guidance and encouragement to individuals and their loved ones in the journey toward recovery. “Know that there is great reason for hope,” asserts the author. Tackling an addiction can be “the best of times”—because it marks the first step toward freedom and is, many say, the most difficult, the most courageous, and the wisest thing they’ve ever done.

Lifestyle #3012

My West Side Story

  Winning an Oscar or Golden Globe is often perceived as the pinnacle of success in Hollywood, but it’s the professional friendships you nurture throughout your career that truly matter. On this episode of Lifestyle Magazine, our Relationship Key Host, Mike Tucker, and Roy Ice talk with George Chakiris, best known from the original West Side Story.

Lifestyle #2917

Your Best Life

We’re joined today by actors, Ryan Paevey and Tim Lounibos with an important message of being true to who you are and your values.  They speak candidly of the “industry of rejection.”  Ryan Paevey is best known to audiences for his role in General Hospital and recently the Hallmark Channel.  He finishes out this episode playing his guitar. After leaving the business for seven years, Tim Lounibos is enjoying the return to his acting career. He’s joined by his two beautiful children, Spencer and Heeli.  He’s a volunteer liaison for AFS-USA intercultural program and they share their experience of hosting an exchange student through that organization. Free Offer: The Healing Power of Love by Jerry D. Thomas Offer Code: HPOL-P-F-401 Offer Description: Jesus taught people that they had been given precious talents.  His own life showed that every moment can influence eternity, that every moment is a treasure to be spent making someone’s life better and heaven more real.

Lifestyle #2909


Our guests today are actors Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes. These daytime award-winning stars from Days of Our Lives share their stories about being married on television, but also in real life. This super couple talk about secrets that keep their marriage strong. Free Offer: Mantras For Marriage by Mike and Gayle Tucker Offer Code: MANTRA-P-F-401 Offer Description: Mike and Gayle Tucker share the “Mantras” or “slogans” that have become the guiding principle of successful marriages. Learn how to create a mantra that fits who you are as a couple and where you wish your relationship to be.

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