Lifestyle #3207

The Kinetic Link with Rephel Martin

At Lifestyle Magazine, we want to help our viewers reach their full fitness potential. We’re thrilled to have with us, Rephel Martin, an elite level athlete, coach, and inventor who has created a device that helps strengthen and rehab your muscles in a way like never before. Join us today as we take a look at Rephel’s innovative device.

Lifestyle #3109

Living Your Dream to Play Baseball in the Olympics with Zachary Penprase

Imagine getting a call out of the blue, inviting you to be part of an Olympic team. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Zachary Penprase.  He’ll share his love of baseball and how the trauma of being bullied in middle school affected his life.  We’re going to find out how Zachary turned his life experiences around from being a guy that thought the world was against him to life coaching other people to their highest levels of success.

Lifestyle #2913

Making Difficult Choices

Our two guests today are actors Raymond J. Barry and Michelle Stafford.  One is an athlete and one has a skin care line. Two very different people, very different stories and yet regardless of their life situation they saw something they wanted and went for it.  From star student athlete to successful veteran actor, playwright, painter, sculptor, Raymond J. Barry is quite the renaissance man. He’s been married more than 30 years with four kids. Emmy Award actress Michelle Stafford is best known from The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. She created her company called Skin Nation, providing organic plant-based natural skin products and is a single mom of two kids. Free Offer: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed Offer Code: CH-P-F-401 Offer Description: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed.  CREATION acronym stands for eight principles for living life to the fullest.

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