Lifestyle #3007

3 Crises

In an era of media fear-mongering, we’re seeing more politics and science than ever before. As a life coaching show, we’re going to hone in on three epidemics impacting your quality of life. To help us unpack all of this on today’s show, we have one of America’s most famous addiction experts: Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Lifestyle #2703

Healthy Skin Starts Within

There is a multi-billion industry devoted to keeping this organ in our body looking great.  But what if we could make it look better for less?  The Spa Doctor, Dr. Trevor Cates, is going to show us how to keep our skin healthy from the inside out.   Free Offer: “Skinflammation”   Offer Code: SKIN-T-F-401   Offer Description: Web article by Dr. Trevor Cates “5 Best and Worst Foods for Skinflammation”

Lifestyle #2617

Happiness Over A Lifetime

What creates happiness over a lifetime? Does it change throughout? Our guest today, Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant and author of Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Grant Study, has answers to those questions and more. Free Offer: “Joy-The Secret of Being Content” Offer Code: JOY-T-F-401 Offer Description: Find out what real joy is in the Touch Points pamphlet, “Joy-The Secret of Being Content.”

Lifestyle #2606

A Healthy Home

What if you could save money by making your home healthier and more environmentally friendly? Our guests are here to explain how to do just that.  Joining us today is an individual that has devoted himself to educating the public on the virtues of living a green and sustainable life, actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., with his wife Rachelle Carson-Begley (, and contractor Scott Harris of the Building Construction Group ( Free Offer: Web articles for tips on going green Offer Description: Web articles “Ed Begley, Jr.’s Tips for Going Green” and “10 Surprising Ways to Help the Planet” Offer Code: GOGRN-T-F-401

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