According to research, gratitude is a game-changer. How can something so easy and simple improve sleep, brighten mood, boost immunity, and reduce depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and disease?

To say that gratitude is powerful is an understatement.

The Mental Health Benefits Of Gratitude 

Gratitude improves mental health by instantly imparting a better outlook on life and increasing happiness.

But the benefits don’t stop at increased happiness.

Being more grateful is linked to a better self-image, less anxiety, and even less depression because taking a few minutes to intentionally practice gratitude increases dopamine and serotonin levels. 

The Physical Health Benefits Of Gratitude 

This is where it gets interesting. Being grateful makes you feel better emotionally, and the “feel-good” hormones it releases affect your physical well-being, too. Gratitude reduces stress, which leads to better sleep, lower blood pressure, and increased energy. As a result, you move more, creating better overall physical health.

For instance, maybe your gratitude practice inspires you to go for a walk, during which you get more oxygen into your body and bloodstream and load up on Vitamin D from basking in the sunshine.

Being able to sleep soundly reduces appetite because it balances your hormones, and less stress helps you make smarter food choices and engage in less comfort eating. The cumulative effect is a healthier and stronger version of yourself. 

Gratitude promotes heart health because lower stress levels and healthier blood pressure put less strain on the heart. Besides, the added exercise and sleep strengthen your heart, giving it time to recover and heal overnight. And since heart disease is a leading cause of death, there’s never been a better time to practice gratitude and calm your nervous system.

Setting aside two or three minutes daily to be grateful can unlock the mental and physical benefits of gratitude.

Find a place to be alone, put your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Think of people and blessings you’re thankful for. Remember the simple things we often take for granted, like nature, laughter, hope, opportunities, things we’ve survived, and people we’ve had the honor to serve.

Just be grateful.

Open your heart and let your Creator know how much you appreciate His abundant blessings. Doing so will set the tone for your day and your life, too.

Unlock your best life with the empowering benefits of gratitude.

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