Lifestyle #2218

Right Brain Left Brain

Did you know that most of us operate from our left brain hemisphere?  However, for those who operate mostly from their right hemisphere, this can affect how they learn, function, and relate to others.  Join educational psychologist and author Melanie West as she helps us navigate this mental maze.

Lifestyle #3219

Bonding with the Byrds with Petri and Makita Byrd

The fear of losing a loved one, especially a spouse, is a harrowing experience. But today’s guest chose to battle what life’s thrown at them and share their inspiring story. This husband and wife duo both played a huge role in the hit show, Judge Judy. Join us today, as we chat with Petri Hawkins Byrd and his amazing wife, Makita.

Lifestyle #3216

Eradication of Mental Illness Stigma with Actress Linsey Godfrey

With the help of today’s guest, we’ll be having a serious talk about mental illness and how we can recognize its symptoms. This actress starred for six years on the Bold and the Beautiful and has spent the last four years in the role of Sarah Horton in Days of Our Lives. We are honored to have the incredibly talented Linsey Godfrey with us today.

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