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One Choice Away

June 22, 2017

Okay. If you were absolutely honest, do you feel that your lifestyle promotes vitality and strength or…(not wanting to sound to harsh, here) frailty and weakness?

Strength and vitality in our whole being is what we really want. We want all of the life we can possibly have, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

But here’s the thing:  We can be disease-free and still NOT be entirely healthy IF we’re suffering from pain in one of those areas.

Wellness Is/Isn’t…
Many people mistakenly think that the number one result of being healthy is to avoid or prevent disease. But “health” isn’t just about avoiding disease.

But then there are others for whom physical health (or mental/emotional health) isn’t as important as, say, their spiritual health. So although they would consider themselves healthy spiritually, their temple – their body – is falling down!

Balancing Your Health…
Do you live the type of balanced lifestyle that produces full health in mind, body and soul?

Strong in body:  Functional strength; the ability to live, work and move without self-imposed restriction.

Strong in mind:  Living with intention and purpose from the inside out.

Emotional strength:  Having the resilience to keep pressing forward, taking charge and living life on our terms.

Spiritual strength:  Serving, loving, realizing that life is about more than just us. Connecting with our Creator. Empowered with wisdom and insight from Above.

Relational health:  Are your relationships satisfying and fulfilling – do they support you? AND are you supporting the people in your life? Do you nurture and give more than you take?

Being unwell in any one of the those areas is like living with a splinter in your soul.

Gain Wellness
But I have some GREAT news for you:  You CAN achieve and enjoy full health. It’s not a matter of chance or luck.

Keep in mind that wellness, despite what we’ve said, doesn’t mean “perfect” heath. If so, it wouldn’t be possible for the terminally ill to experience wellness in their being as they journey through life’s darkest moments. So although physical health is important, other aspects of our being are equally important.

Some of the most uplifting people we meet are those who are living with a terminal illness because of their ability to impart deep insights about what really matters in life. In many cases these folks demonstrate a life that is balanced and fulfilled because they focus on what matters most.

Give attention to every area of your life. Infuse each dimension with purpose, intention and meaning. Maintain a balanced life that strives to include the mental, physical and spiritual.

If your lifestyle isn’t currently fostering full health, be encouraged by knowing that you’re just one choice away from having a better life today.

Until next time, you take care of yourself!

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