Lifestyle #3017

Scheduling Anxiety Away

Today, to help us better understand anxiety, we are pleased to chat with Temple Grandin, professor, inventor, best-selling author and the first person to unveil insights from inside the autistic brain. She’ll be joined by Michael Leip, inventor of the Panda Planner, who overcame a series of health challenges by applying evidence-based strategies to become and stay happy. Featured Material  

Lifestyle #3016

Socially Fit with Kit Hoover

Today, we’re joined by broadcast journalist Kit Hoover. Currently the host of Access Hollywood Live, she’s worked as a sportscaster for ESPN and Fox News channel, been on Good Morning America and co-hosted The View. She’s also a friend of Obi Obadike, our Activity Key Expert, and we’re going to discuss not only her career – but how she has managed to integrate physical activity into her life – her whole life – while engaging family and friends in her healthy habit.

Lifestyle #3009

The Voice-Sandi Patty

Millions know five-time Grammy® Award winner Sandi Patty as “The Voice” as critics dubbed her due to her wide soprano vocal range. But what no one knew for most of her life was that she was sexually molested as a little girl. And off-stage, she struggled to have a voice at all. Finally speaking up for herself to help others, she’s here today to share her story with us.

Lifestyle #3015

A Lifetime of Laughter with Rich Little

Today on Lifestyle Magazine we’re delighted to have Hollywood royalty. Even if you have never heard his own voice, you have heard the voice of your favorite stars from the man of a thousand voices and perhaps the most famous impressionist ever: Rich Little. Stay tuned – and call your friends to watch – because this episode is gonna be one for the ages!

Lifestyle #3014

Fit Body – Mind – Soul – Boot Camp

When the masses panic, some see opportunity. Some even find purpose in panic. Bedros Keuilian, the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, is one of those rare individuals. In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, he revolutionized gym franchising, landing on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top 15 franchises and Inc. 5000’s fastest growing businesses. But he’s overcome far more than economic hardship. A political refugee at age 6, he escaped a Communist country, suffered sexual molestation, anxiety, depression and panic attacks and managed to achieve a net worth of over $200 million while still being a happily-married family man.

Lifestyle #3013

Surviving Myself with Jennifer O’Neill

Our guest today is Jennifer O’Neill, Brazilian-American Covergirl model, author, speaker and actress, best known for her role in the film Summer of 42. As chronicled in her harrowing autobiography, Surviving Myself, Jennifer is evidence that God recycles our dreams and passions and anything can be done through Him.

Lifestyle #3012

My West Side Story

  Winning an Oscar or Golden Globe is often perceived as the pinnacle of success in Hollywood, but it’s the professional friendships you nurture throughout your career that truly matter. On this episode of Lifestyle Magazine, our Relationship Key Host, Mike Tucker, and Roy Ice talk with George Chakiris, best known from the original West Side Story.

Lifestyle #3011

Work Out With Obi

Whether our fitness battle is finding time to exercise, finding the energy to workout, or even having access to a gym, our own Obi Obadike, celebrity fitness expert who is one of the most published fitness experts over the past decade, and has graced more fitness magazine covers than any African-American fitness professional, is here to help us discover how to lose weight and gain muscle right there in your home. Free Offer: Plyometric Workout with Obi Obadike Offer Code: PLYO-T-401

Lifestyle #3001

Parenting, Hope and Humor

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming, whether you’re a single parent or married a sense of humor always helps. Today on our show, we have a comedian and a mother of three who’s experienced divorce, been a single mother, and then a newlywed with teens and a newborn. In addition to all of that, she escaped war torn Croatia as a teen, survived poverty and suicidal depression only then to win Oprah Winfrey’s search for the next TV star, with her viral videos of hope and humor being viewed more than a billion times. See how the key of attitude helped Kristina Kuzmič throughout all of these life experiences. 

Lifestyle #3010

Starch Diet to Save the Planet

We have a veteran and beloved Lifestyle Magazine family member joining us today. No stranger to our viewers, Dr John McDougall was one of our original co-hosts. His success and passion for making people well inspired us to produce three seasons of his own spin off show, John McDougall MD. He calls himself “The luckiest doctor in the world” because his patients get well. But Dr. McDougall’s passions have been eclipsed – forced to widen to encompass a grander vision: helping to protect and preserve Mother Earth.

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