Lifestyle #3113

Longevity Secrets from America’s Prototype Nerd with Actor Barry Livingston

Your attitude when you encounter obstacles can make all the difference in the world. We’re going to talk to actor Barry Livingston from Mad Men and The Social Network, the prototype nerd who bullied as kid and was able to create over a 50-year career bringing to life all kinds of wonderful characters. If you know someone who is struggling with a bully, check out this show for inspiration on how to handle bullying.

Lifestyle #3112

Blended Families with Sandi Patty and Don Peslis

We’re honored to have with us today, longtime friend of Lifestyle Magazine, Grammy award-winning performers, Sandi Patty, and her husband, Don Peslis.  They are here to talk about how they make beautiful music together with a blended family, and how to avoid blended family problems.

Lifestyle #3110

Teeth Talk with Whitney DiFoggio

Did you know one key that could totally change your life, is a toothbrush?  Our guest today is YouTube sensation, Whitney DiFoggio, the creator and star of Teeth Talk, who will talk with us about how this one brush could change your whole life!

Lifestyle #3109

Living Your Dream to Play Baseball in the Olympics with Zachary Penprase

Imagine getting a call out of the blue, inviting you to be part of an Olympic team. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Zachary Penprase.  He’ll share his love of baseball and how the trauma of being bullied in middle school affected his life.  We’re going to find out how Zachary turned his life experiences around from being a guy that thought the world was against him to life coaching other people to their highest levels of success.

Lifestyle #3108

How to Get Motivated with Christopher Atkins

How do you overcome great failure after incredible success? Our guest today is Golden Globe nominee, Christopher Atkins, who overcame some incredible obstacles. Perhaps best known for his debut in the 1980 film The Blue Lagoon, Atkins had to learn how to balance success and failure, stardom and real life.

Lifestyle #3106

Kicking the Habit of Being Average with John & Holly Carney

He went from an undrafted NFL free agent to two-time Pro Bowl player and a member of the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame. Our guest is NFL Hall of Fame kicker John Carney.  He shares how God and his faith are a big part of his career. Also joining us is John’s wife, Holly, author of Wicked Not! Not All Step-Mothers Are Wicked.  We’re going to talk about family and how John and Holly use sports and activity to help others to break away from being average and to help benefit and bless the community around you.

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