Hospice is Not What You Think It Is

In this episode of the Lifestyle.org Podcast, host Roy Ice sits down with the talented and Grammy award-winning artist Sandi Patty and her husband, Don Peslis. Having appeared on the show multiple times in the past, Sandi is no stranger to the Lifestyle audience. During their conversation, they touch on various topics including their recent move back to Indiana, their beloved grandchildren, hospice and the recent passing of Sandi’s mother. Tune in to hear this heartfelt conversation with one of music’s greats and gain insight into their personal lives and experiences.

Lifestyle #3104

Hospice Care & Your Loved Ones, With Amy Yoffe and Shelley Chilton

It’s hard to lose a loved one. It impacts every aspect of our life including one’s entire social circle. After an awful experience losing her parents, our guest today, Shelley Chilton was inspired to start a business to make sure other people didn’t go through what she did. And we’ll talk to Amy Yoffe who was pregnant while supporting a grieving husband, long distance. Welcome to Lifestyle Magazine.

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