How Bicycles Are Destroying Human Trafficking

How can a bunch of bicycles help end human trafficking?
In this episode of the Podcast, Brad Ortenzi joins host Roy Ice to discuss his upcoming race to raise awareness for child trafficking.
Beginning on June 17, 2023, Ortenzi’s organization is undertaking a 3,000-mile, non-stop, transcontinental relay race from California to Maryland to help raise awareness of human trafficking and raise funds for the nonprofit, ZOE International. There is a diverse group of cyclists, including a detective who works with Homeland Security, a 6th-grade teacher, a bank president, two business owners, a research scientist, a project manager, and a land survey vice president, all united in this important cause.
The episode also explores Ortenzi’s backstory as a former undercover child exploitation investigator and how his experiences in Thailand led him to become involved in the fight against human trafficking with ZOE International. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about this important cause and how bicycles can play a role in making a difference.

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Human Trafficking: The Take Down

In the past three years of existence, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued over 650 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 275 traffickers around the world.  Founder and CEO, Timothy Ballard; and Director of Aftercare, Jessica Mass are here to share the unique rescue operations that are liberating these children from the sex trade.

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Human Trafficking

This is hard to talk about. It’s so difficult to believe that it really goes on not just overseas but right here in the good old USA. I’m talking about the heartbreaking truth of human trafficking. Thanks to people like our guests today, there is hope.

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