According to Psychology Today, people procrastinate – delaying what they know should be done – for many reasons. It cites three in particular: 1) Because we don’t think we’ll enjoy doing them, 2) We don’t think we’ll do them well, or 3) The task at hand is too complex; it’s estimated that 20 percent of the population falls into the category of “procrastinators” who put off doing things because they don’t feel like doing it right now. 

We can procrastinate by ignoring what needs to be done right now, but we can’t ignore the consequences of not doing it.

With that in mind, here’s a simple three-step process for getting up and doing it so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Start With A Goal – Even If It’s Blurry

A blurry goal is better than no goal because it gives you a general idea of where to begin, helping you overcome the inertia of getting started. When you don’t have a goal and don’t know what you want, you have no idea where to even begin. 

What do you want to accomplish for yourself and others?

What do you want from your life?

Don’t wait for perfect clarity; get an idea and go! Getting started makes things less blurry and brings them into focus – and keeps you moving in the right direction.

Write It Down

We know that procrastinators don’t take action. Taking some action, no matter how small, is better than taking no action.

Writing your goals down is taking action.

It gets you moving; it activates your ambition. 

Write down what you want and give it a deadline for completing it. If it’s a big goal, write down a few things you’ll need to do to achieve your goal and then give those action steps deadlines. 

Most people in the United States know what’s coming in a few weeks: April 15th -Tax Day, which most of us dread because of the paperwork and millions of little details we must collect and submit. So break it down. You have a clear deadline, April 15th, and you might have an idea of the forms you’ll need. If you don’t, your accountant will. And each form will require certain data. So, to make it easier on yourself, organize your taxes into little tasks: 1) Get forms, 2) Collect income documents, and 3) Complete forms. This may be a bad example because there isn’t anything inspiring about taxes! But you get the idea. 

What’s one thing you must get done? Turn it into a goal by writing it down and giving it a deadline, and then keep it close by so you can look at it daily so you don’t forget. 


The secret to progress is to START!

Stop thinking about it, talking about it, analyzing it, and resisting it!

Stop thinking about it and just do it. 

If your goal is to get stronger and leaner, and you’ve decided to go to the gym three days a week but don’t feel like going when the time comes, stop thinking about it, put on your sneakers, and get yourself to the gym!

You must create momentum. Life doesn’t hand you momentum on a silver platter. It’s up to you to get started.

So go do it!

Today Matters, Make It Count

Life isn’t waiting for you. You only have so much time before it’s over. Today matters—this very moment matters! 

So, stop talking yourself out of living your dreams! Write down two or three major goals and dreams that will unlock your best life, and get started! It will be messy and frustrating at first, but keep going. Don’t put off living your life another day. 

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