How do you feel about your life, and how things are going? I’m sure you’re a wonderful person, living an extraordinary life!

But, have you ever noticed how some people seem to quit on themselves because it takes too much effort to become more than they are? So they sink into lukewarm complacency.

Others look in the mirror and are apathetic. Their motto seems to be, “This is who I am! Take it or leave it!” 

They settle for a mediocre life because it’s the path of least resistance. 

They refuse to change or grow but expect everyone in their universe to adapt, adjust, or accommodate their wants and needs.

Complacency and apathy are hazards along one’s journey to unlock their best life.

Idowu Koyenikan writes, “You must have a level of discontent to feel the urge to want to grow.” 

He’s not wrong. 

But perhaps a better word for “discomfort” is “hunger.” 

We must stay hungry to feel the urge to unlock our best life.

Your life might be awesome, but if you’re honest with yourself, there are probably one or two things you wouldn’t mind improving.   

Here are five steps to start unlocking your best life, even if it’s pretty great already.

1. Create Yourself

What are your likes and dislikes? What do you stand for and stand against? What would you like more of and less of in your life? What person, real or fictional, do you admire and secretly wish you were, or at least more like them? What are some of your hopes, dreams, and goals? What are some “bad” habits you’d like to overcome, or new habits you’d like to create?

Where would you like to see yourself in a year or two, and what do you need to start doing differently to get there?  

Get curious about yourself. And get curious about what you’re capable of becoming and achieving! Don’t believe everything people say about you; the final say is yours because it’s your life.

Once you know yourself, you can begin to improve your life; it’s hard to improve what you don’t understand. It’s even harder when you don’t know what you want to become. Ask the following questions

  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What do I enjoy doing that I’ve not been doing?
  • What’s my biggest source of inspiration, and why?
  • What are my biggest motivators?
  • What keeps me awake at night?
  • Who are my biggest supporters?
  • What do I worry about?
  • What are my core values?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my talents and gifts – what do I do exceptionally well?

2 Replenish Yourself

Unlocking your best life requires a sharp mind – a mind that’s fully rested. 

Staying out late night after night or staying in and letting your brain get flabby watching television for hours and hours or mindlessly scrolling through social media sabotages your efforts to improve your life. 

That kind of lifestyle dulls your cognitive abilities, which include decision-making, strategic thinking, and long-term planning. It’s not good for your physical health either. And it wastes time you could spend creating the kind of life that’s more important to you in the long run. 

The Sleep Foundation reports that we need between 7–9 hours of good, quality sleep nightly.

You might not think you have that much time for sleep because of everything you must get done, but you’ll get more done in less time when you’re fully rested. 

It’s worth logging hours in bed to awaken each morning feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to win the day.

Sleep not only sharpens your mental focus but also fortifies your immune system, reduces stress, and helps you maintain a trim waist. Sleep lowers the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension, and Type-2 diabetes.

3 Empower Yourself

Physical activity has an immediate impact on your mental and emotional state

Even if you’re someone who never feels like working out, you’ll rarely, if ever, regret following through and doing it. Every time you finish your workout, you’ll think, “I didn’t feel like it, but I’m glad I did!”

Good health is a cornerstone of high-quality living and enjoying a satisfying life.

Exercise and healthy eating combine to create a fountain of youth. 

You will be strong, independent, and able to take the stairs without getting winded. You will keep up with your kids and grandchildren. You’ll have the strength to pursue your hobbies and passions. You will walk without getting weary and look great in your clothes. Not to mention taking fewer medications and suffering unwanted side effects.

Besides, you’re more confident, daring, and happier when you look and feel great. 

4. Fascinate Yourself

Some people aim to learn something new every day. Maybe that’s a tad bit aggressive. But expose yourself to new ways of thinking and doing things to keep an open mind and boost the quality of your thoughts.

Curiosity isn’t just for children or unfortunate cats. 

Never stop being curious; keep your brain young, no matter how old you are. 

After all, if we’re not learning and growing, then we’re declining and stagnating. Here are some ideas to never stop learning:

  • Read one book a month
  • Take a class
  • Start a hobby
  • Do something that kind of scares you once every month or two

5. Celebrate Yourself

Nelson Mandela said, “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

Improving your life isn’t easy. Unlocking your best life takes sacrifices and hard work. No one will hand you a better life on a silver platter. 

Please don’t wait for someone to recognize your hard work; recognize it yourself because you’ve earned it!

Being proud of your progress isn’t selfish.

Celebrate yourself and the person you’re becoming!

As you review the ground you’ve covered from where you were to where you are, you’ll begin to discover what’s “under the hood” — what you’re capable of achieving and becoming. You’ll also get a glimpse of where you want to go next with your life. This reflection process allows you to keep growing and moving forward, unlocking more of your best life every day!

“It is not as much about who you used to be as it is about who you choose to be.” Sanhita Baruah.

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

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