Everyone who is emotionally and mentally healthy wishes for a happy and fulfilling life, and to feel good about the future despite their current circumstances.

Happiness is within reach; it just boils down to how willing we are to make any necessary changes in our lives to be truly happy.

Although there can be many steps involved in the process of pursuing and achieving happiness, these three will help you start feeling happier today

Step One: Embrace Forgiveness

As long as you’re alive, people will rub you the wrong way. Some people will hurt you intentionally, others unintentionally, but either way you will get hurt – it’s just a part of life.

It’s human to hold grudges and treat people exactly how they treat us. If they treat us nicely, we treat them nicely; hurt us, we hurt them. That’s how the world seems to work most of the time, unfortunately. But a wise teacher once said, “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Bitterness and grudges make the world a very unforgiving place. But who says that’s how we have to live?

Forgiveness increases health and happiness. Psychologists and physicians all around the world preach the wellness and longevity benefits of forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself and others is essential to health and happiness. In fact, you will never be truly happy or fully healthy until you forgive.

Embrace forgiveness.

Forgive people even when they don’t “deserve” it because even if they don’t, you do. Even if they won’t benefit from it, you will.

In addition to being forgiving, try to be less judgmental and critical; you’ll be happier with yourself and others. Have fewer rules and expectations. Offering grace and patience to others makes it easier for you to forgive yourself, letting go of any shame or guilt that’s been haunting you all these years.

Step 2: Take Better Care of your Health

Health and happiness go hand in hand. It’s so hard to be cheerful and happy when you’re in pain or fatigued.

You can increase happiness simply by drinking more water, increasing physical activity, eating healthier foods, and getting enough rest because these habits boost health.

Being healthy means you have the energy and vitality to live the kind of lifestyle that allows you to do the things that make you happy. Less pain and hurt equals more happiness and joy.

Here’s something else to think about. Being healthier means having more money in your bank account because you’ll be spending a LOT less of your hard earned cash on medical bills.

Step 3: Spend Time with Other Happy People

Happiness is contagious. The quickest way to be happier is to spend time with happy people.

It’s hard NOT to be happy and optimistic when surrounded by laughter and positivity.

Researchers have found that happiness spreads through three degrees of separation. This means that the happiness of your friend, your friend’s friend, and your friend’s friend’s friend affects your quality and quantity of happiness. So, who are your friends? (and, is it time to consider making some new friends?)

Happiness is attainable; in fact, happiness is already here. We can all be happier starting today by embracing forgiveness, taking better care of health, and surrounding ourselves with happy people.

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