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The Family That Creates Together

What makes for a strong and happy marriage?  Actors Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays keep renovating their relationship and home […]


Smart phones are everywhere these days. It seems anywhere you turn you’ll find someone with their head buried in their […]

Serve & Protect

We’re used to hearing about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when talking about victims of rape or military veterans suffering from […]

To Be Of Service

Imagine your loved one is fine one day, then is suddenly hospitalized for weeks and needs two years of recovery […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict happens in everyone’’s life. We all have disagreements from time to time with a spouse, family member, maybe even […]

Surviving a Stroke

Chances are pretty good you have known someone who has had a stroke. The fact is there are over 600,000 […]

Being Bipolar

Imagine knowing someone – a spouse, a friend, a family member – and having them suddenly shift their personality so […]

21 Days to Self-Discovery

People often lose their identity in marriage. Our Mad About Marriage guest, registered marriage and family therapist Emma Jackson-Causey, reveals […]