Lifestyle #2403

Create Option C with Lourdes Colon & Esai Morales

Our special guest, Lourdes Colon, is a talented actress who was diagnosed with cancer. She’s a fighter and a crusader, and her experience will inspire you to consider all the options when faced with your own health challenges. Esai Morales of Criminal Minds will also be joining us to discuss his joint project with Lourdes Colon.

Lifestyle #2335

Combating Childhood Obesity

We hear more and more about the alarming increase in childhood obesity. Today’s guest, Jessica Donze Black, project director from the Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project, shares some ideas on how we can reverse this alarming trend.

Lifestyle #2328

The Biggest Loser – Interview with “Big Vinnie” Hickerson

Tipping the scales at 450 pounds, Big Vinnie entertained fans for years with his surprising dance moves. But a recent health scare motivated him to join the cast of The Biggest Loser and drop over 200 pounds in a quest to get healthy. He joins us today to talk about that journey and the long-term health and mental effects of making these changes.

Lifestyle #2248

Smart Moves

Dr. Carla Hannaford speaks about the benefits of movement and activity from before birth to the end of life. Hannaford shares information from her book, Smart Moves, that shows the effects of movement and relaxation on brain functioning and development. David Garcia and Sandra Rocha from the Learning Gym contribute to the discussion on movement and overall health.

Lifestyle #2257

Making Peace With Your Thighs

Our guest is Dr. Linda Mintle, one of the nation’s leading authorities on eating disorders. She’s the author of Making Peace with Your Thighs: Get Off the Scale and Get On with Your Life. She’s here to create a paradigm shift in women’s thinking about body image.

Lifestyle #2222

The Balancing Act

Optimal female health is dependent on many factors, and Dr. Bob DeMaria shares how women can balance their ever-changing hormones through proper care and diet.

Lifestyle #2209

Full Plate Diet

You can fill your plate and still lose weight! One of the Full Plate Diet’s creators, Dr. Diana Fleming, is back with us to share more information about this exciting approach to getting into shape and staying fit.

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