Lifestyle #2607

Eating Clean

Our guest, best-selling author Tosca Reno and certified nutritionist, lost 80 pounds at age 40, transforming her body and her life. She says, if she can do it, you can, too. She joins us today to explain the benefits of the Eat-Clean Diet® series. Free Offer: Web articles on your body and sugar Offer Description: Web articles “5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Cut Out Added Sugar” and “Daily Intake of Sugar – How Much Sugar Should You Eat Per Day?” Offer Code: SUGAR-T-F-401

Lifestyle #2604

A Diet Free Life

Diet.  The word has a lot of different connotations for people, and most of them aren’t positive. But what if you could lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle without dieting?  Nutrition expert Robert Ferguson has worked with celebrities, athletes, and large companies, sharing his diet-free life methodology to losing weight. And he’s going to share his methodology with us today.   Free Offer: The Journal of Health & Healing: “Simple Steps to Enhance Your Health” Offer Description: Simple steps to enhance your health by the Wildwood Lifestyle Center Journal of Health & Healing editorial staff.  Magazine 16 pages. Offer Code: SIMPLE-M-F-401

Lifestyle #2502

Vegan All Star

  Most coaches and other sports professionals would argue that being a vegetarian as a professional athlete would be a career-killing move. However, our guest, four time NBA Champion John Salley, would argue that is what extended his career and in many ways saved his life. Free Offer: Vibrant Life Special Issue: Going Vegetarian Offer Description: Vibrant Life special issue on 14 very good reasons to be a vegetarian and how to make the transition, eat vegetarian anywhere and create a mouthwatering meatless meal. Offer Code: GOVEG-M-F-401

Lifestyle #2405

Body For Life with Bill Phillips

Our guest today is fitness legend Bill Phillips, creator of MET-Rx and EAS nutritionals and the author of the best-selling fitness book Body for Life. He was recently inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame and offers his insights into a number of topics buzzing in the fitness industry today.  

Lifestyle #2409

Your Path To Fitness with Kim Dolan Leto

Kim Dolan Leto became one of the top fitness magazine cover models in America after turning 40. She joins us today to talk about ways to motivate yourself for fitness, create a better body image and workout secrets with co-host Obi Obadike.

Lifestyle #2410

Medical Weight Loss

Gastric bypass and laparoscopic surgeries are becoming more common to help people lose large amounts of weight. Bariatric surgeon Dr. Joshua Long joins us from the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado to take the mystery out of these procedures in this episode. Also joining us is a Los Angeles-based medical weight loss patient, Veronica Phillips.

Lifestyle #2413

Losing Weight the Healthy Way with Jaci Velasquez

While our panel debates the health merits of ultra-low calorie diets, our special guest, Grammy-nominated Latin singer Jaci Velasquez, shares how she made healthy lifestyle choices to lose over 70 pounds and keep it off. Jaci also shows us how to prep some healthy snacks and cook a delicious and easy recipe she makes for her family.

Lifestyle #2350

Fasting For Your Health

Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of TrueNorth Health Center and director of the center’s groundbreaking residential health education program, is here to talk about therapeutic fasting. We also have with us our friend: Physician, nutrition expert, and author Dr. John McDougall.

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