Lifestyle #3202

Flexible Dieting with Alan and Jeana Aragon

Are you looking to lead a more healthy, active lifestyle, but don’t know where to begin? Researching diets and exercise routines can be a daunting task. How do you separate the fads from what will actually work for you? Join us today as we meet with nutrition and fitness expert, Alan Aragon and his wife Jeana and discuss how his investigation into science-based health is paving the way for the fitness movement.


Why “Bad” Carbohydrates Are So Bad (But So Deliciously Good At The Same Time)

Hot fluffy pancakes slathered with butter, drenched in mouth-watering maple syrup, with a few berries thrown in for nutritional penance to tame our guilt. Wow. We do love our carbohydrates, don’t we? Maybe pancakes aren’t your thing but everyone has their nutritional Kryptonite. Some people swear by carbs them. Others curse them, believing they’re downright…


Live Diet-Free for Life!

Life today is rife with diet culture. So many people seem to be at war or have an unhealthy relationship with food. The rules are continually changing, and foods that were good a couple of years ago are now on the bad list. This obsession with diet is exhausting, and it doesn’t seem to be…


Are Raw Foods Safer and Healthier?

You’ve probably heard about the raw food diet, which involves eating mostly raw and unprocessed foods. Refined and pasteurized foods are completely out of the question, so the diet is made up of mostly fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Those who support this diet claim that the process of cooking food destroys enzymes and nutrients….

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