Why “Bad” Carbohydrates Are So Bad (But So Deliciously Good At The Same Time)

Hot fluffy pancakes slathered with butter, drenched in mouth-watering maple syrup, with a few berries thrown in for nutritional penance to tame our guilt. Wow. We do love our carbohydrates, don’t we? Maybe pancakes aren’t your thing but everyone has their nutritional Kryptonite. Some people swear by carbs them. Others curse them, believing they’re downright…


Best Diet For Diabetics?

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition where your body cannot utilize insulin (insulin resistance) or produce enough insulin to control your blood sugar. There are two types of diabetes, and in both types, your blood sugar level rises, which can damage your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and eyes. Uncontrolled blood sugar can also lead to…


What Causes Diabetes?

There are three basic types of diabetes mellitus: Type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes Gestational diabetes The causes and risk factors are different for each type. Type 1 Diabetes Type 1 diabetes is also called Insulin-dependent diabetes. It’s a chronic condition in which your pancreas produces minimal or no insulin. Insulin is the hormone that…


Diabetes: Beyond Diet and Exercise

The key components of diabetes management are diet, exercise, medication, and regular check-ins with your healthcare team; everyone knows this. It’s the best-known way of preventing long-term complications.  However, diet, exercise, and medication are just part of the equation. To truly live well with diabetes, you also need to practice self- care (not everyone knows…

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Mastering Diabetes

Our guests from Mastering Diabetes, an online group coaching program, are co-founders Dr. Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro. They teach people all around the world, living with all forms of diabetes on how to reverse insulin resistance by using a low fat, plant-based, whole food diet. We’ll also be joined by Stephen Wickham, who’ll tell us about a recent study by Yale University on Type 2 diabetes, which has impacted people that he works with in Grundy County. Stephen started a reversing diabetes program in Grundy, Tennessee, which had the highest incidences of diabetes in the state. That program turned around the entire surrounding community, which now has one of the best overall reductions in the prevalence of diabetes in the country that even the CDC has taken notice of these revolutionary results.   Free Offer: “Vibrant Life Special Issue: How to Beat Diabetes” Offer Code: DIABVL-M-F-401 Offer Description: A third of Americans have pre-diabetes-and most don’t even know it! In this special issue, doctors and nutritionists show how natural lifestyle choices can prevent-and even reverse-this epidemic.

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Overturning Diabetes

Our expert guest today has been on our show before, Dr. Paulette Higgins.  She is joined by Listen Shaw, who is a patient of Dr. Higgins.  He shares his story on how he reversed his type 2 diabetes following the principles taught at the All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre in Canada. Free Offer: How to Beat Diabetes Offer Code: DIABVL-M-F-401 Offer Description:  Vibrant Life Special Issue on How to Beat Diabetes by Review & Herald Publishing Association

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Reversing Diabetes

Our guest today Dr. Paulette Higgins, owner and operator of the All Dunamis Lifestyle Centre in Canada, talks about improving/reversing diabetes through lifestyle.  She is joined by Joan Beresford who shares her experience of what happened when she changed her lifestyle to reverse her type 2 diabetes and improve her health with a plant-based diet, exercise and a balanced nervous system.   Free Offer: How to Beat Diabetes Offer Code: DIABVL-M-F-401 Offer Description:  Vibrant Life Special Issue on How to Beat Diabetes by Review & Herald Publishing Association

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Juvenile Diabetes

Alan Thicke graciously joined us before his passing to share his experience with a subject of personal importance to him – juvenile diabetes.  We thank him and will continue to spread awareness of this disease in his memory with this special episode. The worst news you can get as a parent is that your child is suffering from a life-threatening disease. Our guest, actor Alan Thicke, from the sitcom Growing Pains as America’s favorite dad, Jason Seaver, and his reality show, Unusually Thicke, is here to talk about what it was like to find out his child had juvenile diabetes. Free Offer:  Diabetes Your Take Control Guide & Articles by American Diabetes Association Offer Description: Diabetes Your Take Control Guide 36-page booklet contains the “need to know” information about diabetes. Topics include managing the ABCs, healthy eating, exercise, keys to behavior, change, medications and more.  Article “What to Know about Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)” and “The Diabetes ADVISOR.” Offer Code:  DTYPE1-T-F-401

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Diabetes 101

Over 29 million Americans, nearly 10% of the population, have Type 2 Diabetes and it’’s increasing. It is the 7th largest cause of death each year. Many people remain undiagnosed. Do you have it? Paulette Lambert, Director for Nutrition at the California Health & Longevity Institute, is our guest to go through the symptoms and treatments of this near epidemic disease.

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Dealing With Diabetes – Interview with Sierra Sandison + recipes from Chef AJ

She’s beautiful, and to look at her, you wouldn’t know that she lives with a serious medical condition. She just won the Miss Idaho pageant and made headlines around the nation for wearing her insulin pump during the competition, becoming a hero to many. On today’s show, we welcome Sierra Sandison. Also joining us is Chef AJ, a plant-based chef, with some delicious dessert recipes made with all natural ingredients.

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