Keep Your Kids Healthy & Germ-Free at School

Schools and child care centers are teeming with germs and contagious illnesses. Common infections like the flu, colds, stomach bugs, ear infections, and pink eye spread like wildfire. Most parents wish they could do more to protect their children. Even worse, kids bring these illnesses home and infect their siblings, parents, and other family members,…


How To Clean Your Ears Safely

As far as body parts go, ears don’t require too much cleaning. As long as you wash them when you are taking a shower and gently clean the canal with a washcloth to get rid of the excess wax, you should be fine. Remember the old saying that you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your…


How to Take Proper Care of Your Gums (AND Heart)

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the main cause of tooth loss; one in three adults have it. Their gums are constantly irritated and inflamed, and bacteria is slowly destroying the tissues and bones that support their teeth! Gum disease occurs when bacterial plaque builds up along and underneath the gum line. The bacteria produces…

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