Lifestyle #2314

The Color of Rain

Second marriages offer their own set of hurdles to overcome. Our guests, Michael and Gina Spehn, authors of this book, The Color of Rain, share how they managed to overcome the challenges of blending their families together into a workable team on today’s Mad About Marriage.

Lifestyle #2238

Father’s Day with Tim Conway and Tim Conway Jr.

Fathers are a role model for their kids in many ways. Mike Tucker sat down recently with Tim Conway Jr. and Sr. for a very fun interview about what life is like being a Conway. Mike gets the scoop from radio personality Tim Conway Jr. about what it was like being comedy icon Tim Conway’s son, and of course Tim Conway Sr. had his own observations on fatherhood to share during the interview. Enjoy the laughter!

Lifestyle #3219

Bonding with the Byrds with Petri and Makita Byrd

The fear of losing a loved one, especially a spouse, is a harrowing experience. But today’s guest chose to battle what life’s thrown at them and share their inspiring story. This husband and wife duo both played a huge role in the hit show, Judge Judy. Join us today, as we chat with Petri Hawkins Byrd and his amazing wife, Makita.

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