Lifestyle #2239

Building A Love That Lasts

On this Mad About Marriage episode, authors Dr. Charles Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz shed light on how to make a marriage successful and long-lasting. The Schmitz discuss their most recent book, Building A Love That Lasts, with hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker.

Lifestyle #2216

Who’s the Boss in Your Marriage

Is it possible for husband and wife to actually be equal partners in a relationship or is that idea simply a myth? In this Mad About Marriage episode Willie and Elaine Oliver discuss marriage partnerships, division of labor, and head-of-household concepts.

Lifestyle #2220

Saving Second Marriages

Sixty percent of second marriages fail. Yours can be among the ones that succeed. Relationship expert Dr. Les Parrott shows how you can beat the odds and make remarriage the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Now is the time to acquire the skills needed to build a future together that is everything marriage can be.

Lifestyle #2203

Ruta Lee interviews Della Reese + Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

In this episode of Lifestyle Magazine, Ruta Lee interviews Reverend Dr. Della Reese on her humble beginnings as a gospel and then R&B singer, her longterm marriage to Franklin Lett, her acting career on such shows as “Touched by An Angel”, and the church where she is a minister. In the second half of the show, Ruta Lee sits down with America’s Favorite Daytime Couple – Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes – to talk about how they have handled their marriage and working together for so many years, what it was like for Susan to become stepmother to Bill’s children, and their active involvement in their church.

Lifestyle #2206

Why Women Leave Men

Marriages are ending at an alarming rate and now, more than ever, it’s the woman who is choosing to end the marriage. What’s causing this trend, and what can be done about it? On this Mad About Marriage episode Dr. Willard and Joyce Harley from Marriage Builders shed some light on this growing trend.

Lifestyle #2208

Getting Over The Ultimate Crime

Rebecca Alonzo’s childhood was a nightmare. She and her family were terrorized by a man who eventually shot her parents. Rebecca, author of The Devil in Pew Number Seven, shares her ordeal and healing on this episode.

Lifestyle #2210

Boundaries: When to Say Yes or No

Every relationship needs boundaries. Even married couples must learn when to say yes and when to say no. Psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries, has helped countless couples know what boundaries are and how to set them.

Lifestyle #2214

How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about it

We’ve often heard that communication is the key to a healthy marriage. But what about people who just don’t talk; either they don’t like to talk or they feel they don’t have the right words when they do talk. On this Mad About Marriage episode Steven Stosny, Ph.D. tells us that there is hope for the non-talkers. You CAN improve your marriage without talking.

Lifestyle #2215

A New Husband or Kid by Friday

Author of Have a New Husband by Friday, Dr. Kevin Leman shows women how making a few changes in attitude, behavior, and communication style can revolutionize their relationships and bring out the very best in their husbands and children. Special cooking segment: Vegetarian cookbook author and instructor Debi Pedersen cooks with Mike and Gayle.

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