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Auto-Immune Disease

  Our guest today, Andrea Beaman, has appeared with Barbara Walters on "The View." She's been on "Dr. Oz." She's written four books, and is a passionate holistic health advocate. And she suffers from an auto-immune disease. Also, sharing his personal experience with psoriatic arthritis is Ryan Lee, founder of Rewind Today. They both share how a change in lifestyle and eating healthy improved their symptoms from their auto-immune disease. Free Offer: 8 Secrets to Better Health Offer Code: SECRET M-F-401 Offer Description: If you want a peaceful life, it's important that you understand and live in harmony with the laws of your state and your country. And if you want a long, useful life, it's important that you understand the laws that govern your health. 8 Secrets to Better Health - new in the Signs of the Times Life Matters series can help unlock these eight secrets and give you practical, useful tips for practicing what you learn. Taken from Teenie Finley's Natural Lifestyle Cooking.

Andrea Beaman, Ryan Lee

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