Lifestyle #2801

Auto-Immune Disease

  Our guest today, Andrea Beaman, has appeared with Barbara Walters on “The View.” She’s been on “Dr. Oz.” She’s written four books, and is a passionate holistic health advocate. And she suffers from an auto-immune disease. Also, sharing his personal experience with psoriatic arthritis is Ryan Lee, founder of Rewind Today. They both share how a change in lifestyle and eating healthy improved their symptoms from their auto-immune disease. Free Offer: 8 Secrets to Better Health Offer Code: SECRET M-F-401 Offer Description: If you want a peaceful life, it’s important that you understand and live in harmony with the laws of your state and your country. And if you want a long, useful life, it’s important that you understand the laws that govern your health. 8 Secrets to Better Health – new in the Signs of the Times Life Matters series can help unlock these eight secrets and give you practical, useful tips for practicing what you learn. Taken from Teenie Finley’s Natural Lifestyle Cooking.

Lifestyle #2703

Healthy Skin Starts Within

There is a multi-billion industry devoted to keeping this organ in our body looking great.  But what if we could make it look better for less?  The Spa Doctor, Dr. Trevor Cates, is going to show us how to keep our skin healthy from the inside out.   Free Offer: “Skinflammation”   Offer Code: SKIN-T-F-401   Offer Description: Web article by Dr. Trevor Cates “5 Best and Worst Foods for Skinflammation”

Lifestyle #2604

A Diet Free Life

Diet.  The word has a lot of different connotations for people, and most of them aren’t positive. But what if you could lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle without dieting?  Nutrition expert Robert Ferguson has worked with celebrities, athletes, and large companies, sharing his diet-free life methodology to losing weight. And he’s going to share his methodology with us today.   Free Offer: The Journal of Health & Healing: “Simple Steps to Enhance Your Health” Offer Description: Simple steps to enhance your health by the Wildwood Lifestyle Center Journal of Health & Healing editorial staff.  Magazine 16 pages. Offer Code: SIMPLE-M-F-401

Lifestyle #2511

The Hidden Epidemic: STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases –STDs have been around for centuries. And unfortunately, it appears they’’re not going away. Some are treatable, some have life-altering consequences, some are life-threatening. Our guest, public health expert and a professor of medicine at UCLA, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, has written extensively on diagnosis, treatment, control, and other aspects of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lifestyle #2513

The Healthy Heart

It’s known as the silent killer, that thing that catches us completely unaware with little to no warning. Heart disease is the number one cause of death on a global scale, and today we’ll talk about some ways to reduce your risk. Our guest today is Dr. Howard Hodis, Professor of Medicine and Director of the USC Atherosclerosis Research Unit.

Lifestyle #2514

Hope For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s. The word itself evokes alarm. It’s the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Where does it come from? Who’s at risk? What can be done if you have it, and is there any hope? Our guest, Dr. Wes Youngberg, a doctor of public health and a certified nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist, will answer all these questions and more.

Lifestyle #2414

Owning Your Diagnosis

No two cancer patients are the same. Our guest today, Dr. Peter Edelstein, is a passionate cancer patient advocate and experienced surgeon who advises patients to make sure their care is appropriately tailored to meet their unique medical, personal, and emotional needs; they must maintain their independence and authority over their lives – they must “own their cancer.” Also joining us is Eric Kalberg, a cancer patient that outlasted his doctor’s mortality prediction by seven years and counting.

Lifestyle #2416

Diabetes 101

Over 29 million Americans, nearly 10% of the population, have Type 2 Diabetes and it’’s increasing. It is the 7th largest cause of death each year. Many people remain undiagnosed. Do you have it? Paulette Lambert, Director for Nutrition at the California Health & Longevity Institute, is our guest to go through the symptoms and treatments of this near epidemic disease.

Lifestyle #2508

ADHD without Drugs

ADHD – over 5 million kids in the United States have it. But there’s a lot of controversy over how to treat ADHD. Medication is the default solution, but is there a better way? We’re about to find out. Our guest, Dr. David Velkoff, will tell us about ways of treating ADHD without using medication. Free Offer: Easing ADHD without Meds Offer Code: ADHD-T-F-401   More Information: Phone: (800) 700-4233

Lifestyle #2405

Body For Life with Bill Phillips

Our guest today is fitness legend Bill Phillips, creator of MET-Rx and EAS nutritionals and the author of the best-selling fitness book Body for Life. He was recently inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame and offers his insights into a number of topics buzzing in the fitness industry today.  

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