Lifestyle #2306

The Best Medicine There Is

More and more research is showing that eating the right foods is the best medicine you can do for your body. Dr. Matthew Lederman and Dr. John McDougall are guests on this episode that explain why this is true and what some of the best foods are for your continued good health. Both of these doctors are part of the Forks Over Knives documentary.

Lifestyle #2318

Why Am I So Frazzled

Have you ever wondered what keeps wearing you down? On this program, Dr. Becky Wang-Cheng and Dr. Anthony Cardillo talk about some of the effects of stress on our lives and what we can do about it.

Lifestyle #2241

Drugless Doctor

Is your body in need of a detox?  Dr. Robert Demaria, author of Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Detoxification, offers his practical advice for improving health without drugs.

Lifestyle #2229

The Health Power

A lively discussion with Dr. Hans Diehl and Dr. John McDougall on various health issues and how they can be alleviated or eliminated through proper dietary care and exercise.

Lifestyle #2238

The Next Level Health + recipes from Debi Pedersen

There’s a lot of research on the prevention side of medicine – but what if we look at not just preventing illness but getting to the next level. Can we actually step up physical well-being to improve such things as eyesight or to obtain more energy? Dr. Becky Wang and Dr. Anthony Cardillo share their study on this particular subject. Special cooking segment: Vegetarian cookbook author and instructor Debi Pedersen shows Mike and Gayle how to adapt a meal like Hachis Parmentier (Cottage or Shepherd’s Pie) or Zucchini Bateaux to make it meatless and still delicious.

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