Lifestyle #2414

Owning Your Diagnosis

No two cancer patients are the same. Our guest today, Dr. Peter Edelstein, is a passionate cancer patient advocate and experienced surgeon who advises patients to make sure their care is appropriately tailored to meet their unique medical, personal, and emotional needs; they must maintain their independence and authority over their lives – they must “own their cancer.” Also joining us is Eric Kalberg, a cancer patient that outlasted his doctor’s mortality prediction by seven years and counting.

Lifestyle #2416

Diabetes 101

Over 29 million Americans, nearly 10% of the population, have Type 2 Diabetes and it’’s increasing. It is the 7th largest cause of death each year. Many people remain undiagnosed. Do you have it? Paulette Lambert, Director for Nutrition at the California Health & Longevity Institute, is our guest to go through the symptoms and treatments of this near epidemic disease.

Lifestyle #2508

ADHD without Drugs

ADHD – over 5 million kids in the United States have it. But there’s a lot of controversy over how to treat ADHD. Medication is the default solution, but is there a better way? We’re about to find out. Our guest, Dr. David Velkoff, will tell us about ways of treating ADHD without using medication. Free Offer: Easing ADHD without Meds Offer Code: ADHD-T-F-401   More Information: Phone: (800) 700-4233

Lifestyle #2404

Dealing With Diabetes – Interview with Sierra Sandison + recipes from Chef AJ

She’s beautiful, and to look at her, you wouldn’t know that she lives with a serious medical condition. She just won the Miss Idaho pageant and made headlines around the nation for wearing her insulin pump during the competition, becoming a hero to many. On today’s show, we welcome Sierra Sandison. Also joining us is Chef AJ, a plant-based chef, with some delicious dessert recipes made with all natural ingredients.

Lifestyle #2350

Fasting For Your Health

Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of TrueNorth Health Center and director of the center’s groundbreaking residential health education program, is here to talk about therapeutic fasting. We also have with us our friend: Physician, nutrition expert, and author Dr. John McDougall.

Lifestyle #2401

Sports, The Unhealthy Side with Stephen A. Smith

Professional sports offer the ultimate display of fitness and athletic ability. On this episode, we’ll take a look at the unhealthy side of sports. Our guest has a ringside seat to watch most of the action both on and off the field. We’re talking to ESPN’s sports analyst and one of America’s favorite sports commentators, Stephen A. Smith, as well as sports medicine specialist, Dr. Andrew Blecher.

Lifestyle #2402

Fit Over 40 with Morris Chestnut

Our guest, family man and talented actor Morris Chestnut, got some big buzz for the shape he was in for his role of football player Lance Sullivan in the movie The Best Man Holiday. He’s here to talk about how to stay fit after 40.

Lifestyle #2403

Create Option C with Lourdes Colon & Esai Morales

Our special guest, Lourdes Colon, is a talented actress who was diagnosed with cancer. She’s a fighter and a crusader, and her experience will inspire you to consider all the options when faced with your own health challenges. Esai Morales of Criminal Minds will also be joining us to discuss his joint project with Lourdes Colon.

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