The only way to make progress in life is to make decisions. But that’s harder than it sounds unless you’re making little decisions. 

When making big decisions, sometimes you think you have everything figured out and know what to do. Easy. 

But there are times when knowing what to do can be a real struggle because there’s no coming back from certain decisions.

So, next time you’re at a crossroads wondering what to do, here are some tips to make navigating that big decision feel a little safer and easier.

Be Gracious with Yourself

Change can be hard sometimes, no matter how decisive you are, even when you know it’s for the best. 

Even when you know things must change, there’s something comforting about clinging to the status quo. 

Some people choose to stay in a toxic situation because the fear of the unknown is more uncomfortable than the pain they face daily in the situation they wish would change. 

So, please be gracious to yourself when you feel timid or reluctant to make that big decision; change is hard.

There are no guarantees in life. 

All you can do is take charge of your life by making the best decision you can with the cards you’ve been dealt to create a brighter future.

Make a decision and move forward, making course corrections along the way. Change is scary. But you know what’s even scarier? Regret.

And remember, not all decisions will feel good at first, so give it some time; allow the decision to take root. Give yourself time to get used to it and, as they say, “bloom where you’re planted.”

Honor Your Why

To give yourself peace of mind and heart, remind yourself why you’re making such a big decision, and remind yourself often.

It’s easy to tremble with self-doubt after making a life-changing decision, asking yourself, “What have I done?”

During those moments, make a list of the reasons why making this decision is so important to you.

Honor your why, for it’s your compass leading you to a better place and keeping you on the right path as you journey through the unknown.

Maintain Routines

Maintaining routines can reduce stress and anxiety when going through major changes.

Routine(s) can be a source of certainty and stability – something to rely on when navigating uncharted waters. 

Choose a routine that grounds you. Maybe it’s a special morning routine that includes exercise and solitude before you rush out into the busy world. Or perhaps you create an evening routine to unwind and soothe your soul before bedtime. 

Routines will give you a sense of security and control as you adjust and adapt to life-changing decisions. 

Keep A Journal

Your journal is for you. It’s your private reflection on your personal experiences. Plus, it can be therapeutic.

Trying to process complex emotions in your head can make you feel all bottled up. There’s something soothing to the soul about putting pen to paper and writing about what you’re going through. In the future, you can look back and see how brave you were and how far you’ve come. 

Write without judgment or condemnation; your thoughts and emotions are for your eyes only. 

With time, you’ll see how much you’ve grown and that what once made you feel anxious and afraid no longer has a hold on you. You’ll see how resourceful you are and will face your next challenge with more grace and courage. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you feel excited or apprehensive about a significant change coming your way, remember that you’re not the only person dealing with that kind of situation; others are going through the same thing and emerging victorious and successful. If they can do it, so can you.

So, when facing big decisions, think about why you must make a change and then make a plan; it doesn’t have to be perfect. And be gracious to yourself and honor your why. As you take action and move forward, you’ll see in the end that many of life’s big decisions weren’t as scary as you feared they’d be and will have led you to an even more amazing and happier life in the end. 

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

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