Lifestyle #2920

Your Life Matters

We are happy to welcome Lifestyle Magazine staff member and international Christian recording artist, Jennifer LaMountain. In this episode she shares her passion in sharing Christ with people to give them a better life. You’ll hear amazing stories how Christ has used her life to make a difference in people’s lives through her music ministry, as an artist representative for World Vision andLifestyle Magazine staff member. She shares the health difficulties she’s faced as well as an important message that God sees the little details of your life and His presence is with you as you go through life struggles. Free Offer: Jesus Your Heart’s Desire by Mike Tucker Offer Code: JYHD-P-F-401 Offer Description: Jesus Your Heart’s Desire – Our hearts tell us that we need something more – something solid to hold on to when life threatens to overwhelm us.

Lifestyle #2919

What Would Mary Ann Do?

The name Dawn Wells may not ring a bell but you probably remember sweet, good girl, Mary Ann from the show Gilligan’s Island. She shares what her experience was like working on the show. In this episode we’re having fun as we talk about classic values portrayed in the show and still of value today, and the character that Dawn played that inspired her to write the book What Would Mary Ann Do? Free Offer: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed Offer Code: CH-P-F-401 Offer Description: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed.  CREATION acronym stands for eight principles for living life to the fullest.

Lifestyle #2918

Mental Health

Actor Todd Bridges is joining us today talking about suicide, a really serious topic that affects people of all walks of life.  He shares how the loss of many friends to suicide has affected his life and how he’s dealt with his grief to recover from his losses.  This episode covers warning signs to look for and the common thread of suicide. Free Offer: CareNotes pamphlet “Understanding Thoughts of Suicide and Self-Harm” Offer Code: HARM-T-F-401 Offer Description: The impulse to harm oneself is not confined to one demographic. It can affect absolutely anyone at any time. The emotional and psychological distress that leads to such thoughts aren’t easily understood—by the one suffering them, nor by those who want to help. This CareNotes is a good read for both parties. It identifies some of the reasons one would consider suicide or self-injury; and it offers solid guidance to those reaching out for help and trusted resources that can provide that help.

Lifestyle #2917

Your Best Life

We’re joined today by actors, Ryan Paevey and Tim Lounibos with an important message of being true to who you are and your values.  They speak candidly of the “industry of rejection.”  Ryan Paevey is best known to audiences for his role in General Hospital and recently the Hallmark Channel.  He finishes out this episode playing his guitar. After leaving the business for seven years, Tim Lounibos is enjoying the return to his acting career. He’s joined by his two beautiful children, Spencer and Heeli.  He’s a volunteer liaison for AFS-USA intercultural program and they share their experience of hosting an exchange student through that organization. Free Offer: The Healing Power of Love by Jerry D. Thomas Offer Code: HPOL-P-F-401 Offer Description: Jesus taught people that they had been given precious talents.  His own life showed that every moment can influence eternity, that every moment is a treasure to be spent making someone’s life better and heaven more real.

Lifestyle #2916

The Sixth Stage Of Grief

David Kessler is a world-renowned grief and trauma expert and author of the new book Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief.  He joins us today, not as an author and grief expert but as a father who lost his 21 year old son, David, to sudden death.  He shares his heartbreaking journey of his devastating loss and discusses the sixth stage of grief. Also joining us is musician, Michelle Weitz, a grieving mother who has been coping with the loss of her daughter, Lacey, to an accidental opioid overdose.  Lacey started drugs in high school and struggled for years to overcome her drug addiction.  Michelle shares her story and Lacey’s legacy. Free Offer: Touch P oints pamphlet “How to Survive the Loss of a Loved One” Offer Code: LOSS-T-F-401 Offer Description: When death strikes a loved one, sadness, guilt, and grief often affect those left. What is an appropriate response? This tract brings answers to this tough question. It teaches that anger can be normal and should be dealt with correctly. Crying is okay. Sharing your grief is usually helpful. This tract is filled with stories and principles from the author’s own experiences with loss, and from the Bible. The reader will be given a road map to work through their grief.

Lifestyle #2915

Surviving A Shooting

Today, we’re talking about mass shootings. Our first guest, Debbi Tamietti, survived a mass shooting when a gunman opened fire on unsuspecting concert goers in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. She shares her story and the tools that she learned from David Kessler to deal with that trauma. Also joining us is best-selling author, and one of the world’s foremost experts on healing and loss, David Kessler.  He shares how his experience from a mass shooting as a 13-year-old shaped his life and the healing mechanisms he recommends when you are a victim of trauma. Free Offer: CareNotes “Responding to Life’s Challenges with Resilience and Strength” Offer Code: LIFE-T-F-401 Offer Description: Resilience doesn’t simply mean “bouncing back” from a trauma, loss, or disaster. It also means being proactive whenever possible and planning for or preventing such circumstances. CareNotes author Mary Kendrick Moore helps readers call upon the strengths and abilities needed to respond helpfully and hopefully to life’s challenges in sections titled: “Acknowledge your loss and fear,” “Believe in your ability to foster resilience,” “Exercise your brain,” and “Find support among those you trust.”

Lifestyle #2914

Creative Vets

We’re talking about post-traumatic stress with veterans, Richard Casper and Ryan Matthews. As a Marine in Iraq, Richard Casper survived four different IED blasts that inflicted a brain injury and post-traumatic stress. He shares his personal story and the unique way he commemorated the death of his gunner and good friend, Luke Yepsen.  He found a creative way to deal with PTS and as co-founder of Creativets is helping other veterans to heal through music and art. Army veteran, author and inspirational speaker, Ryan Matthews, shares what going through the Creativets program meant to him.  He’s joined with his dog, Zeus, a Belgian Malinois. Through Zeus and his unconditional love, it taught him to connect with family, friends, and loved ones.  Ryan and Zeus recently did a TEDx Talk overcoming PTSD using dog training techniques.  He is a trainer and founder of World of Dog Training, an online dog training at Free Offer: CareNotes Coping With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Offer Description: Though this CareNotes is written by the Staff of the National Military Family Association, the information contained within can be of help to anyone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whether due to the experiences of combat, abuse, loss, or other trauma, PTSD can disrupt a person’s livelihood, relationships, and general well-being. This CareNotes offers both the sufferer and his or her loved ones a thorough overview of the disorder and provides proven resources and avenues for getting help.

Lifestyle #2913

Making Difficult Choices

Our two guests today are actors Raymond J. Barry and Michelle Stafford.  One is an athlete and one has a skin care line. Two very different people, very different stories and yet regardless of their life situation they saw something they wanted and went for it.  From star student athlete to successful veteran actor, playwright, painter, sculptor, Raymond J. Barry is quite the renaissance man. He’s been married more than 30 years with four kids. Emmy Award actress Michelle Stafford is best known from The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. She created her company called Skin Nation, providing organic plant-based natural skin products and is a single mom of two kids. Free Offer: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed Offer Code: CH-P-F-401 Offer Description: Creation Health Discovery by Des Cummings, Jr. with Monica Reed.  CREATION acronym stands for eight principles for living life to the fullest.

Lifestyle #2912

Nutrient Rainbow

Pastors Phil and Jan White, who had health challenges share three steps to their lifestyle that made incredible changes in their health.  Our second guest, Nancy Montuori from Ordinary Vegan, certified in plant-based nutrition, shares her amazing journey on becoming a vegan after seeing the documentary Fork Over Knives.  Her passion is to teach people how to transform their life through plant-based nutrition.

Lifestyle #2911

Donna Mills

Our guest today has played many different roles, most of them villains.  Today we’re going to meet the real side of actor Donna Mills known for her role on Knots Landing, The Bait and many other television series and films.  She also shares her story about adopting a child as a single mom.  Donna recently played the role of a mom of a daughter with Down Syndrome in Carol of the Bells, a very special film produced and directed by Joey Travolta were 70% of the film crew were disabled. Free Offer: Vibrant Life Special Issue: Going Vegetarian Offer Code: GOVEG-M-F-401 Offer Description: This magazine makes a compelling case for living meat free.

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